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CMP Wrapper Implementation Guide for iOS App Publishers

  • Configure the consent tool by providing a consentToolURL to CMPConsentToolViewController.
    • consentToolURL: NSURL
      • It is used to create and load the request into the WKWebView – it is the request for the consent webpage. This property is mandatory.
      • cmpPresent:BOOL
        • You should set this to true as a CMP implementation is present inside the application.
    • CMPConsentToolViewControllerDelegate
      • delegate consentToolViewController: didReceiveConsentString: will be called once consent tool receives base-64 encoded string from given consentToolURL.
  • You can configure subjectToGDPR available in CMPConsentToolAPI and once you set it, it will be stored automatically to NSUserDefaults. It is accessible through object of CMPConsentToolViewController.
    • SubjectToGDPR: Enum that indicates
      • SubjectToGDPR_Unknown - value -1, unset or unknown
      • SubjectToGDPR_No - value 0, not subject to GDPR
      • SubjectToGDPR_Yes - value 1, subject to GDPR
    • consentString: If this property is given, it enforces reinitialization with the given string, configured based on the consentToolURL. If not set by publisher, it will be fetched from NSUserDefaults if available. This property is optional.
#import "CMPConsentToolViewController.h"

@interface  ViewController () <CMPConsentToolViewControllerDelegate>

- (void)viewDidLoad {
	[super  viewDidLoad];

	CMPConsentToolViewController *consentToolVC = [[CMPConsentToolViewController  alloc] init];
	consentToolVC.consentToolURL = [NSURL  URLWithString:@"consent tool URL"];
	consentToolVC.consentToolAPI.cmpPresent = YES;
	consentToolVC.consentToolAPI.subjectToGDPR = SubjectToGDPR_Yes;
	consentToolVC.delegate = self;
	[self  presentViewController:consentToolVC animated:YES  completion:nil];

-(void)consentToolViewController:(CMPConsentToolViewController *)consentToolViewController didReceiveConsentString:(NSString *)consentString {
	[consentToolViewController dismissViewControllerAnimated:YES  completion:nil];
	// your code
  • Once the base-64 consent string is returned by consentToolURL, it will be stored automatically to NSUserDefaults along with parsedVendorConsents and parsedPurposeConsents. These properties are available with CMPConsentToolAPI class.

  • To access purpose consent for given purposeId, isPurposeConsentGivenFor: can be used. Return type is YES if consent is given else returns NO.

int purposeId = <purpose id>;
BOOL purposeConsent = [consentToolViewController.consentToolAPI isPurposeConsentGivenFor:purposeId];
  • To access vendor consent for given vendorId isVendorConsentGivenFor: can be used. Return type is YES if consent is given, else returns NO.
int vendorId = <vendor id>;
BOOL vendorConsent = [consentToolViewController.consentToolAPI isVendorConsentGivenFor:vendorId];
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