HR-OS1 Framework, based on the Darwin-OP project. Intended for use on HR-OS1 Humanoid Robot platforms.
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Andrew Dresner
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HROS1-Framework, based on Darwin-OP framework, is a collaborative software project based on the open source Darwin-OP Framework, with the intent to continue development, implement an API to expose higher level functions of the framework, and develop additional features.

Contributions & authoring to codebase provided by Farrell Robotics, Interbotix, DresnerRobotics, Zerom, ROBOTIS, KevinO, KurtE, mfergs.

A special thanks to Farrell Robotics, a massive contributor to humanoid robotics & continued development to the Darwin-OP framework.

All code within project is GPL GNU v3.

Original source code can be found here:



  • Operating systems supported & verified: Ubuntu 12.04 & 14.04 LTS, Yocto Poky 1.6 OpenEmbedded Linux