01: Getting Started

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Getting started

01. Follow Build Instructions in this wiki:


02. Power-on sequence:

If you robot is not already powered off disconnect 19V charger and switch off battery power from the OpenUPS to prepare for Power-on sequence.

  • Switch on battery power to the OpenUPS
  • Connect 19V charge power to Kobuki base
  • Power on NUC
  • Disconnect charge power as needed

03. Starting your robot:

You'll find there is more than one way to start or "bringup" your robot in ROS. In some situations you might only desire control over the mobile base and others you'll want full control including the base, arm and sensors. For the majority of what we will cover we'll bringup the entire robot so all sensor information and features will be available.

To bring up the full robot with mapping, arm pose manager, moveit and zone detection:

cd ~/turtlebot2i

source devel/setup.bash

roslaunch turtlebot2i_bringup turtlebot2i_demo1.launch

Optional launch file arguments:

  • none - Mapping will start or resume depending on presence of last map database: ~/.ros/rtabmap.db
  • new_rtabmap:=true Delete rtabmap.db on launch ( the robot will erase map from previous session )
  • localization:=true Use rtabmap for localization ( valid map must exist from previous session )
  • rviz:=true Load RViz with launch ( start the robot visualizer with robot )
  • rtabmapviz:=true Load RTAB-Map GUI with launch ( start rtabmap visualizer with robot )


Start robot and create a new map (erasing data from previous sessions):

roslaunch turtlebot2i_bringup turtlebot2i_demo1.launch new_rtabmap:=true

To resume mapping:

roslaunch turtlebot2i_bringup turtlebot2i_demo1.launch

To use existing map for localization purposes only:

roslaunch turtlebot2i_bringup turtlebot2i_demo1.launch localization:=true

04. Visualizing robot state, sensors and sensed environment:

Follow setup instructions for a remote ROS installation used to monitor and control the robot:


Once you've properly set the ROS_MASTER_URI for the networked robot bringup RViz:

roslaunch turtlebot2i_bringup remote_view.launch

See also

The default password for your turtlebot if purchased from us directly is: turtlebot

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