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Custom additions to the Intercraft server
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Intercraft Core

Core mod for InterCraft 1.13.2 modpack.


  • Missing pieces

    • Metals (ex. copper, tin) ✔️
    • Minerals (ex. saltpeter, salt) ✔️
    • Rubber
  • Machines

    • PCB Work Table (PCB crafting tree step 1)
    • Soldering Station (PCB crafting tree step 2)
    • PCB Factory line (PCB crafting tree step 1 & 2 automated with program)
    • (Placeable) PCB (logic gates)

    Can be configurated however you want to make 1x1 logic gates (AND NAND OR XOR, etc). Can be used in crafting ex. OpenComputers.

  • Gen.

    • Ores (hard) ✔️

    Ores which depending on the concentration of metal inside it will vary the break time of the block and amount of ore chunks dropped.

    • Oil
    • Minerals ✔️
  • Compatibility

  • Energy

    • Cables

    Regular old cables taking up space. But multiple cables (and pipes) can take up the same space like EnderIO, also single cable lines can be dragged between connectors like Immersive Engineering.

    • Custom Batteries

    Batteries which are modeled on real life batteries or Galvanic Cells which are then placed into battery boxes to be usable in external machines.

    • Single Use Batteries
    • Aquaphobic (machines, cables without insulation, circuits, etc)
    • Generators (Water, air, geothermal, fission, steam)

    I really like ReactorCraft's way of creating multiblocks. You design the reactor yourself with pieces as indiviual blocks doing their thing. Doing that but for most of the generators where you decide how you want to build it.

    • Unit

    Custom energy unit ("ICU"?) also losely modeled after real life (not completely as to not eat too much TPS).

    Custom Additions

    • Sky Block

    A block that renders the current skybox of that dimension. Pretty much a copy of OpenBlocks' Sky Block, because they are cool. Can be crafted with Six (6) Sky Panels and one (1) Stone to make one Sky Block. Sky Panels can be found on the ground when the simulation is starting to crack.

    • Glitchium

    A super rare ore, only found one (1) at a time. Can be hooked into a OC Computer as a component. It has a single function refine(), when doing so will destroy the ore block and leave a ingot stack. Doing so has a chance of corrupting the computer, so doing it on a isolated network is a recommendation.

    • Strong Anvil

    Works just like a regular Anvil except for lasting a bit longer than a regular Anvil. But has the special ability to allow Enchanting of tools beyond thirty six (36) levels. Crafted from "Glitchium" Blocks and Ingots like a regular Anvil. Possibly allowing incompatible Enchants to be combined.

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