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-- Quest: C:\QUESTS\WORKING\S0000004.Qbn.
-- Main story quest.
-- QuestId: 4
Messages: 16
Quest: S0000004
DisplayName: Morgiah's Wedding
-- Message panels
QuestorOffer: [1000]
<ce> You're trying to track down that letter
<ce> of the Emperor's, yes? There are very few
<ce> scandals in the Bay of which I am totally
<ce> ignorant. I could give you some information,
<ce> but nothing is without a price, that I know
<ce> well. I need a champion who does fear the
<ce> fire of Oblivion. Are you interested?
RefuseQuest: [1001]
<ce> Pity. I will find someone else to help me.
<ce> But who will you find to help you, I wonder.
AcceptQuest: [1002]
<ce> %oth, that is a relief to me. Do not ask
<ce> any questions -- get this letter to a certain
<ce> high level sorcerer at the Necromancers'
<ce> crypt, Scourg Barrow in the Dragontail
<ce> Mountains. Avoid the rift. If you see it,
<ce> you have gone too far.
<ce> They will not be expecting you and
<ce> will not wait for any introductions. The
<ce> necromancers feel that death is a reward
<ce> for the living, not a punishment. Once you
<ce> have delivered the letter, they would feel
<ce> no need to guarantee your safety. It is
<ce> their way. I need the letter delivered
<ce> and a response from _necs_ in
<ce> my hand one month from now at the absolute
<ce> latest. The risks are very high,
<ce> %pcf, please do not fail.
QuestFail: [1003]
<ce> I need a response to my letter
<ce> from _necs_, %pcf.
QuestComplete: [1004]
<ce> It's done! I'll be queen of Firsthold!
<ce> Although I'm sure the engagement will be quite
<ce> lengthy. Now, I promised you information about
<ce> the Emperor's letter.
<ce> The letter you seek is in the hands of Gortwog,
<ce> the Warlord of the Orcs. He bought it from the
<ce> thieves guild of Daggerfall after one of their
<ce> number stole it from Queen Aubk-i.
<ce> I confess I don't know why the Emperor sent it
<ce> to Aubk-i. The girl is innocent to a fault, and
<ce> everyone knows that Gothryd is not the loyal
<ce> empire toady that Lysandus was. Of course my own
<ce> family...well enough of this boring court gossip.
<ce> If you really want to find this letter, you
<ce> should get in good with Mynisera, the former
<ce> Queen of Daggerfall, and Queen Mother to
<ce> Gothryd. I wouldn't directly approach her.
<ce> Start with someone of lower station.
RumorsDuringQuest: [1005]
If it weren't for Morgiah's reputation, Wayrest would embrace her brother.
How could we crown the brother of a manipulative witch like Princess Morgiah?
RumorsPostfailure: [1006]
Princess Morgiah's mood has worsened. And no one has as bad a temper as she.
I suppose it is time that Princess Morgiah married. But who would want her?
RumorsPostsuccess: [1007]
Princess Morgiah is engaged to the King of Firsthold. A miracle of %god indeed.
What could've possessed the King of Firsthold to propose marriage to Morgiah?
Morgiah has a three year engagement! Royals are a strange lot.
QuestorPostfailure: [1009]
<ce> Very good. If you are not rewarded
<ce> with death by the loyal servants
<ce> of the Barrow, give this note to
<ce> Princess Morgiah please.
QuestLogEntry: [1010]
<ce> I agree to your terms. I will give you
<ce> my first and you will exert your influence
<ce> on the King of Firsthold on Sumerset Isle.
<ce> Only you can let him speak with his dead
<ce> son. For that, he would even marry Nulfaga!
<ce> -- M
Message: 1011
<ce> -- _necs_
Message: 1012
Princess Morgiah of Wayrest has
asked me to deliver a letter to the
_necs_ of the Necromancers
of Scourg Barrow in the Dragontail
Mountains. She said to avoid the rift,
whatever that is. If I see it, I have
gone too far. She wants a reply back
in a month.
Message: 1013
Princess Morgiah has left Wayrest for Sumurset Isle and the King of Firsthold.
Wayrest has cemented relations with the High Elves of Firsthold by marriage.
Firsthold has a new queen, and Wayrest has lost a princess.
Morgiah will be happy being Karoodil's queen in Firsthold.
Morgiah will be the first queen of Firsthold who isn't a High Elf.
Message: 1014
<ce> King Eadwyre and
<ce> Queen Barenziah,
<ce> Sovereigns of the Kingdom
<ce> of Wayrest
<ce> Are Proud to Announce The Engagement
<ce> of Morgiah, Princess of Wayrest,
<ce> to Karoodil,
<ce> King of Firsthold
<ce> in the Isle of Sumurset.
Message: 1015
<ce> A young lad with the Rose of Wayrest embroidered
<ce> on his surcoat appears at your side, hands you an
<ce> engraved card, and disappears.
-- Symbols used in the QRC file:
-- %god occurs 1 time.
-- %oth occurs 1 time.
-- %pcf occurs 3 times.
-- %qdt occurs 1 time.
-- _necs_ occurs 7 times.
Item letter44 letter used 1010
Item letter13 letter used 1011
Item _reward_ trinket
Item engagement letter used 1014
Person _morgiah_ named Princess_Morgiah
Person _necs_ named King_of_Worms atHome
Place _scourgbarrow_ permanent ScourgBarrow1
Clock _2ndgo_ 30.00:00 0 flag 1 range 0 1
Clock _S.01_ 7.00:00 14.00:00
-- Quest start-up:
prompt QuestorOffer yes yes no _no_
_2ndgo_ task:
drop _morgiah_ as questor
end quest
_S.01_ task:
repute with _morgiah_ exceeds 10 do _S.07_
rumor mill 1013
_S.07_ task:
have engagement set _S.10_
give pc engagement notify 1015
_S.02_ task:
toting letter13 and _morgiah_ clicked
give pc _reward_
start timer _S.01_
stop timer _2ndgo_
remove log step 0
start task _S.08_
change repute with _morgiah_ by +10
drop _morgiah_ as questor
_S.03_ task:
toting letter44 and _necs_ clicked saying QuestorPostfailure
get item letter13
change repute with _necs_ by +10
variable _S.04_
yes task:
start timer _2ndgo_
log 1012 step 0
get item letter44
reveal _scourgbarrow_ in province 1 at 450958
say AcceptQuest
add _morgiah_ as questor
_no_ task:
say RefuseQuest
end quest
MorgiahSatisfied _S.08_
_S.09_ task:
when _S.01_ and not _S.07_
start quest 21 21
end quest
_S.10_ task:
start quest 21 21
end quest
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