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-- Quest: C:\QUESTS\WORKING\S0000999.Qbn.
-- Main story quest.
-- QuestId: 999
Messages: 42
Quest: S0000999
-- Message panels
QuestorOffer: [1000]
Error: Questtext 1000 called on MAIN.Q
RefuseQuest: [1001]
Error: Questtext 1001 called on MAIN.Q
AcceptQuest: [1002]
Error: Questtext 1002 called on MAIN.Q
QuestFail: [1003]
Error: Questtext 1003 called on MAIN.Q
QuestLogEntry: [1010]
I am on a mission from the emperor to investigate
the shade of King Lysandus. His spirit has been
haunting the city of Daggerfall. The emperor
himself has charged me with the duty of laying
his ghost to rest.
There is also the minor matter of a letter
he sent to the Queen of Daggerfall. If I should
find out what happened to the letter, he would be
most appreciative.
Before landing in Daggerfall, a sudden storm
capsized the ship. I barely made it into this cave.
Message: 1011
I met with Lady Brisienna in a tavern room. She
told me that the three major powers of the Iliac
bay are Daggerfall, Wayrest, and Sentinel. If I
am to investigate the mystery of Lysandus' ghost,
I should start by speaking with the royal families
of these fiefdoms.
Message: 1026
<ce> You approached by a young page who smiles in recognition
<ce> and does not ask your name before he hands you a letter
<ce> addressed to you. To all of your questions, he merely
<ce> responds with a blank look and a smile.
<ce> A letter is pressed into your hand. You spin
<ce> to see who gave it to you. You catch a glimpse
<ce> of livery that vanishes into the crowd.
<ce> A page steps forward saying "Letter for you
<ce> %pcn," and hands you a note.
<ce> A courier steps up to you with a letter in
<ce> hand. "I was told to give this letter to
<ce> someone fitting your description," says
<ce> the courier. As you take it, the courier
<ce> turns and walks quickly away.
<ce> Reaching into you pack for something to
<ce> eat, you spy a note. It wasn't there before.
<ce> A redfaced courier startles you with a cry of
<ce> "Letter for %pcn! Hey that must be
<ce> you. Here, take this. Gotta go. Other
<ce> deliveries to be made.
Message: 1031
<ce> %pcn, I have a special
<ce> task in mind for you. However, to be blunt
<ce> you have yet to prove yourself to me. I don't
<ce> know if I can trust you yet. I will watch
<ce> you actions and how you conduct yourself with
<ce> other members of my court and my family. That
<ce> will tell me if you have the proper character.
<ce> Your bravery and skill are beyond reproach.
<ce> If I felt I could trust you, I would send you
<ce> on a particularly sensative mission. Come back
<ce> and visit me when you shown I can trust you.
Message: 1032
<ce> %pcn, I have a special task
<ce> that would be perfect for you. However, I would
<ce> just be signing your death warrant if I were to
<ce> give it to you now. When you are more skillful
<ce> return to me and I may give it to you then.
<ce> Its really too bad, %pcf. I have
<ce> a special assignment that requires someone I
<ce> trust, such as yourself. However, it also needs
<ce> someone of greater skill in order to survive.
<ce> Come back and visit me when you have improved
<ce> you skills some more.
Message: 1033
<ce> %pcn, You might be just the
<ce> person ta help me. But I don't trusts ya
<ce> well nuff yet. If I hears that you are
<ce> a standup %ra, maybe you should come
<ce> back and ask me again.
Message: 1034
<ce> I could sure use yer help %pcn.
<ce> But you just ain't tough enough ta handle
<ce> what I gotta have done. You get better and
<ce> then come see me.
Message: 1035
<ce> I have delicate matters that might need
<ce> your touch. First you must prove yourself
<ce> worthy. Return to me when you have earned
<ce> the trust to deserve my patronage.
Message: 1036
<ce> You are trustworthy, that I know. However,
<ce> to be blunt, you are unskilled. Should you
<ce> gain greater skill and become a deadlier
<ce> opponent, I think I could give some very
<ce> interesting work.
Message: 1040
Greetings and salutations. I hope your trip
was uneventful. They say that you are keenly
interested in the haunting of Daggerfall. My
father and King Lysandus were somewhat close.
Should you come visit me, I might be able to shed
some light upon recent events involving Lysandus.
Prince Lhotun,
Caste Sentinel
Message: 1041
Dear %pcf,
My eyes and ears abroad say that you are
interested in the fate of a certain letter.
Any emperor should not be so careless, nor should
a queen. You really should come visit me in
Castle Wayrest. I have some most interesting
tidbits that I am sure you would enjoy hearing.
<ce> -- Morgiah
<ce> Princess of Wayrest
-- Symbols used in the QRC file:
-- %pcf occurs 3 times.
-- %pcn occurs 7 times.
-- %qdt occurs 2 times.
-- %ra occurs 1 time.
Item letter49 letter used 1040
Item letter50 letter used 1041
Clock mainquestclock 00:00 0 flag 9 range 0 0
-- Quest start-up:
log 1010 step 0
_S.00_ task:
when Prince_Lhotun is available
_S.01_ task:
when Prince_Helseth is available
_S.02_ task:
when Medora is available
_S.03_ task:
when Princess_Morgiah is available
_S.04_ task:
when Queen_Aubk-i is available
_S.05_ task:
when Princess_Elysana is available
_S.06_ task:
when Cyndassa is available
_S.07_ task:
when _S.23_ and _S.24_ and _S.25_ and _S.26_
end quest
variable _S.08_
_S.09_ task:
when repute with Cyndassa is at least 0
_S.10_ task:
when repute with Princess_Elysana is at least 0
_S.11_ task:
when repute with Queen_Aubk-i is at least 0
_S.12_ task:
when repute with Princess_Morgiah is at least 0
_S.13_ task:
when repute with Medora is at least 0
_S.14_ task:
when repute with Prince_Helseth is at least 0
_S.15_ task:
when repute with Prince_Lhotun is at least 0
_S.16_ task:
level 8 completed
level 5 completed
level 3 completed
level 6 completed
level 3 completed
level 5 completed
level 4 completed
_S.17_ task:
when _S.11_ and _S.16_ and _S.04_
start quest 5 5
unset _S.18_ _S.19_ _S.16_ _S.04_
_S.18_ task:
when _S.02_ and _S.13_ and not _S.16_
when _S.06_ and _S.09_ and not _S.16_
say 1034
say 1036
_S.19_ task:
when _S.06_ and not _S.09_
when _S.02_ and not _S.13_
say 1033
say 1035
_S.20_ task:
when _S.06_ and _S.09_ and _S.16_
start quest 7 7
unset _S.19_ _S.18_ _S.16_ _S.06_
_S.21_ task:
when _S.05_ and _S.10_ and _S.16_ and not _S.31_
start quest 6 6
unset _S.19_ _S.18_ _S.16_ _S.05_
_S.22_ task:
when _S.01_ and _S.14_ and _S.16_ and not _S.27_
start quest 2 2
unset _S.19_ _S.18_ _S.16_ _S.01_
_S.23_ task:
when _S.00_ and _S.15_ and _S.16_
start quest 1 1
unset _S.19_ _S.18_ _S.16_ _S.00_
_S.24_ task:
when _S.02_ and _S.13_ and _S.16_
start quest 3 3
unset _S.19_ _S.18_ _S.16_ _S.02_
_S.25_ task:
when _S.03_ and _S.12_ and _S.16_
start quest 4 4
unset _S.19_ _S.18_ _S.16_
_S.26_ task:
when _S.17_ and _S.20_ and _S.21_ and _S.22_
ElysannaSatisfied _S.27_
MetLadyBrisienna _S.28_
log 1011 step 1
_S.29_ task:
when _S.15_ and _S.16_
give pc letter49 silently
_S.30_ task:
when _S.12_ and _S.16_
give pc letter50 silently
MyniseraSatisfied _S.31_