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-- StartsBy: letter
-- Questee: anyone
-- Repute: 0
-- QuestId: 0
Messages: 57
Quest: _TUTOR__
-- Message panels
RumorsDuringQuest: [1005]
<ce> I'll give you a hint %ra.
<ce> If you want to succeed in magic,
<ce> join the mages guild.
<ce> A small tip for you. Put your money
<ce> in the bank of %reg. Have them give
<ce> you letters of credit. They hardly
<ce> weigh a thing.
<ce> Specialty shops are the best place
<ce> to find unsual items.
<ce> They just passed a vagrancy law.
<ce> You can't sleep in the streets. The
<ce> guards even patrol outside the walls.
<ce> You have to get a room at an Inn.
<ce> Everyone should join a temple. The
<ce> only question is what god is best
<ce> for you? I'd check into them all.
RumorsPostfailure: [1006]
<ce> Things are really heating up in
<ce> the city of Daggerfall. You should
<ce> go there if you want adventure.
<ce> I've heard that the royalty of
<ce> Wayrest is stirring things up. Its
<ce> a great opportunity for anyone
<ce> with the guts to actually ask the
<ce> king or queen for work.
<ce> I've heard that Sentinel is a
<ce> good place to earn quick gold and
<ce> the opportunity for a bit of
<ce> adventure. The royal family is
<ce> hiring heroes for dangerous work.
QuestLogEntry: [1010]
<ce> The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall has a tutorial
<ce> that can be active during the game. It runs
<ce> throughout this first dungeon and for a short
<ce> time afterward. Do you want to use this
<ce> tutorial?
Message: 1012
<ce> Tutorial Lesson 1
<ce> The very first thing you want to do is experiment
<ce> with moving your character around. Don't worry
<ce> about monsters, there are none in this first room.
<ce> When this text clears, move the cursor around on
<ce> the screen. You'll see it change shape. Hold down
<ce> the left mouse button and watch what happens. If
<ce> you are using the view based interface, it will
<ce> change where you are looking.
<ce> Hint: The closer the arrow is to the edge of the
<ce> screen, the faster you will move.
<ce> I'll be back in about one minute to tell you about
<ce> arming yourself and fighting monsters.
Message: 1013
<ce> Tutorial Lesson 2
<ce> Before you brave the depths of Privateer's Hold,
<ce> you will want to arm yourself. Either click on the
<ce> bag icon (inventory), or press the F6 key.
<ce> Clicking on the weapon puts it into your hand. Now
<ce> you are able to draw your weapon. Click on the EXIT
<ce> button to go back to the game.
<ce> Hint: You can have two weapons equipped. Press the H
<ce> key to switch back and forth between them.
<ce> Click YES to continue, NO to cancel the tutorial.
Message: 1015
<ce> Tutorial Lesson 3
<ce> To draw your weapon, click on the crossed blades icon,
<ce> or just press A. There is a short delay after equipping
<ce> a weapon, so don't panic if it doesn't draw instantly.
<ce> Take a few practice swings by holding down the right
<ce> mouse button and moving the mouse around. This is how
<ce> you fight the monsters.
<ce> Hint: Moving your mouse in different directions makes
<ce> the sword swing differently. Each type of swing affects
<ce> your chances to hit the monster and how much damage you do.
<ce> I'll give you a minute to practice swinging the sword.
<ce> Click YES to continue, NO to cancel the tutorial.
Message: 1020
<ce> Tutorial Lesson 4
<ce> Down the hall and through the door is a giant rat.
<ce> Let's go kill it!
<ce> When you get to the door, get the X shaped cursor
<ce> on it and press the left mouse button. The door will
<ce> swing open. This is how you activate things, such as
<ce> doors, levers, wheels, treasure piles, even people.
<ce> If you are using the view based interface, just get
<ce> the door in the center of the screen and press the
<ce> mouse button to open it.
<ce> Hint: This door is a secret door. After you kill the
<ce> rat, go back to it and click it. The door will shut.
<ce> Not all secret doors are this easy to see.
<ce> I'll be back in a couple of minutes for the next lesson.
<ce> Click YES to continue, NO to cancel the tutorial.
Message: 1025
<ce> Tutorial Lesson 5
<ce> There is a pile of treasure on the black altar in the
<ce> room with the rat. Get close to it and click on it.
<ce> This automatically puts you into your inventory. All
<ce> the stuff in the treasure pile is in the right hand
<ce> column of your inventory.
<ce> You have two modes to choose from, EQUIP and REMOVE.
<ce> Click one of them. Now when you click on an item in
<ce> the right column, it goes into your inventory (REMOVE
<ce> mode) or directly onto your character (EQUIP mode).
<ce> Hint: You can get information on your items by
<ce> using the INFO mode and then clicking the item.
<ce> I'll be back in one minute for a save game lesson.
<ce> Click YES to continue, NO to cancel the tutorial.
Message: 1030
<ce> Tutorial Lesson 6
<ce> This would be a good time to save the game (assuming
<ce> you are not in the middle of a fight). Press the ESC
<ce> key and click on SAVE GAME. Double click one of the
<ce> empty boxes and it will save your game there.
<ce> If you get killed in this dungeon, you can go back to
<ce> that saved game without having to create a new character.
<ce> Hint: You can sometimes get treasure off of dead bodies
<ce> by clicking on them, just like treasure piles.
<ce> I'll leave you for several minutes now. Go ahead and
<ce> explore the dungeon. Click YES to continue, NO to
<ce> cancel the tutorial.
Message: 1035
<ce> Tutorial Lesson 7
<ce> If you have a spell casting character, try using a
<ce> spell against the next monster.
<ce> Press the BACKSPACE key to pull up the spells menu.
<ce> select SHOCK by double clicking on it. This spell will
<ce> only work if you are close enough to touch the monster
<ce> To cast the spell, press the left mouse button
<ce> anytime it is an X shape. In view based mode spells
<ce> are always fired at the center of the screen.
<ce> Hint: You can fire spells or activate objects even if
<ce> the cursor is not an X if you use the right mouse button.
<ce> I'll wait until you have escaped from the dungeon
<ce> for your next tutorial lesson.
Message: 1040
<ce> Tutorial Lesson 8
<ce> Congratulations! You have made it out of the starter
<ce> dungeon, Privateer's Hold.
<ce> I bet you are wondering what to do now? What you need
<ce> is a town. Towns have the services you will need
<ce> throughout the game. Lets fast travel to one.
<ce> (continued...)
Message: 1041
<ce> Fast travel is done by pressing the W key. The region
<ce> that you are (Daggerfall) in is highlighted in red.
<ce> Click on that region and you get a blow up map. There
<ce> are a lot of places on this map! Lets find the city of
<ce> Daggerfall. Click FIND and type in DAGGERFALL. The most convenient way to travel is by clicking
<ce> CAUTIOUSLY and INNS, both of which are the default
<ce> settings. Otherwise you risk arriving at night and
<ce> having to climb the walls to get into town.
<ce> For this tutorial to continue, you should go to a
<ce> large city, such as the city of Daggerfall. We'll
<ce> pick up the lessons again in =2dagger_ days. This
<ce> should give you plenty of time to get there.
QuestTimeLapse: [1045]
<ce> Tutorial Lesson 9
<ce> Ah, the sights and sounds of the city! Did you arrive
<ce> at night or try to rest? If so, the guards will not let
<ce> anyone sleep in the streets or even too close to the
<ce> walls. You can only rest in Taverns, if you have
<ce> purchased a room there.
<ce> The first thing you want to do is set your mode to
<ce> DIALOGUE. Click on the hand icon until it changes to
<ce> a word balloon, or just press F4. Now get close to one
<ce> of the townsfolk. They won't stop to talk to you unless
<ce> you are not moving. Click on the person and you will
<ce> be placed into the Dialogue screen.
<ce> (continued...)
Message: 1046
<ce> You want to find a general store or weaponsmith. It is
<ce> one of the places you can sell your excess gear. The
<ce> person will probably give you directions. Travel in
<ce> that direction for a while and then ask another passerby.
<ce> Continue this until somebody marks the location on your map.
<ce> Press M to view the map of the city. You should be able
<ce> to tell where the building is from that. All shops have
<ce> signs out front. Learn the signs and you will be able to
<ce> get around much easier. You will need a tavern to rest.
<ce> look for the mug of ale sign.
<ce> Hint: Pressing F3 switchs you to INFO mode. You can click
<ce> on buildings to learn what they are. Some shops don't open
<ce> until late in the day. You can loiter (a REST option) until
<ce> the shopkeeper decides to unlock the door.
<ce> Don't leave town! I'll check in with you again tomorrow.
Message: 1050
<ce> Tutorial Lesson 10
<ce> Today's lesson is about guilds. A guild is an organization
<ce> that offers benefits for its members. As you rise in rank
<ce> in a guild, you get more benefits. To rise in rank, you
<ce> must improve skills that guild cares about, and perform
<ce> quests on a regular basis to improve your reputation with
<ce> them. You can belong to more than one guild.
<ce> All spellcasters should join the Mages Guild. Everyone
<ce> should pick a temple to join. However, pick carefully.
<ce> You can only be a member of one temple. Fighter type
<ce> characters should join either the fighter's guild or a
<ce> knightly order.
<ce> Hint: Thieves and murderers, just do your thing. The
<ce> underworld will contact you after a while.
<ce> I'll be back tomorrow with the next lesson.
Message: 1055
<ce> Tutorial Lesson 11
<ce> Today we want a quest. A quest is an adventure given by
<ce> someone in town. Its amazing how many people in Daggerfall
<ce> need the services of a brave hero or heroine.
<ce> Go to someone in a tavern or on the street. Ask them about
<ce> work. Odds are that they will direct you to someone else
<ce> in town. That person will offer you a quest. You don't have
<ce> to take every quest that is offered. Successfully completing
<ce> a quest means that person, and his friends, will like you
<ce> a little better. It can also be profitable. Last, but not
least, it is the best way to locate dungeons!
Message: 1056
<ce> This is the last of the tutorial lessons. There is much
<ce> more to learn about Tamriel and about the game. However,
<ce> you now have the basics to be able to expore and learn
<ce> these things on your own.
<ce> Good luck, and have fun!
-- Symbols used in the QRC file:
-- %ra occurs 1 time.
-- %reg occurs 1 time.
-- =2dagger_ occurs 1 time.
Place pirateerHold permanent PirateerHold2
Place cityOfDaggerfall permanent DaggerfallCity2
Clock _S.03_ 00:06 0 flag 1 range 0 1
Clock _S.04_ 00:08 0 flag 1 range 0 1
Clock _S.05_ 00:24 0 flag 1 range 0 1
Clock _S.06_ 00:12 0 flag 1 range 0 1
Clock _S.07_ 00:06 0 flag 1 range 0 1
Clock _S.10_ 14.00:00 0 flag 1 range 0 1
Clock _day1_ 1.00:00 0 flag 1 range 0 1
Clock _day2_ 1.00:00 0 flag 1 range 0 1
Clock _2dagger_ 6.22:40 0 flag 1 range 0 1
-- Quest start-up:
prompt 1010 yes yes no _no_
variable _exitstarter_
yes task:
pc at pirateerHold set _exitstarter_
start timer _S.03_
say 1012
_no_ task:
end quest
_S.03_ task:
prompt 1013 yes _yes1_ no _no_
_S.04_ task:
prompt 1015 yes _yes2_ no _no_
_S.05_ task:
prompt 1025 yes _yes4_ no _no_
_S.06_ task:
prompt 1020 yes _yes3_ no _no_
_S.07_ task:
prompt 1030 yes _ring_ no _no_
variable _S.08_
variable _S.09_
variable _S.10_
variable _used_
_day1_ task:
prompt 1050 yes _poet_ no _no_
_day2_ task:
say 1055
say 1056
end quest
_2dagger_ task:
end quest
_S.15_ task:
pc at cityOfDaggerfall set _S.25_
when yes and not _exitstarter_
prompt 1041 yes _yes6_ no _no_
say 1040
_yes1_ task:
start timer _S.04_
_yes2_ task:
start timer _S.06_
_yes3_ task:
start timer _S.05_
_yes4_ task:
start timer _S.07_
variable _ring_
_yes6_ task:
start timer _2dagger_
_note_ task:
start timer _day1_
_poet_ task:
start timer _day2_
variable _scum_
_S.25_ task:
prompt 1046 yes _note_ no _no_
say 1045