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Small change to FixStanding() on rest in taverns

Some taverns have badly aligned rest markers that leads to player being waist-deep in floor when waking up. A bit of extra height and distance in FixStanding() call helps player relocation find floor height.
This also updates serialized version of game scene. No actual changes.
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Interkarma committed Nov 1, 2018
1 parent 08865b7 commit 1e4a8951762e92d0ae8560d3ec9ed92118d37b1a
Showing with 141 additions and 134 deletions.
  1. +140 −133 Assets/Scenes/DaggerfallUnityGame.unity
  2. +1 −1 Assets/Scripts/Game/UserInterfaceWindows/DaggerfallRestWindow.cs
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