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This repository hosts the code of the Tango Ros Streamer application.
It is an Android application for Tango-enabled devices. Its main purpose is to provide Tango sensor data to the ROS ecosystem in order to easily use the Tango functionalities on robots.
You can read the ROS wiki here.

This work is developed by Intermodalics in collaboration with Ekumen.
Do not hesitate to give us feedback if something is broken or if you think it lacks some features. The best way to do this is by adding issues to this repository.


The app is available in Google's Play Store:

Manual installation

sudo apt-get install python-catkin-tools
mkdir -p ~/tango_ros_ws/src
cd ~/tango_ros_ws/src
git clone --recursive
cd ~/tango_ros_ws
catkin build

To build and run the app: see here.