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Dataspace Connector


The Dataspace Connector is an implementation of an IDS connector component following the IDS Reference Architecture Model. It integrates the IDS Information Model and uses the IDS Messaging Services for IDS functionalities and message handling. The core component in this repository provides a REST API for loading, updating, and deleting resources with local or remote data enriched by its metadata. It supports IDS conform message handling with other IDS connectors and components and implements usage control for selected IDS usage policy patterns.

Quick Start

The official Docker images of the Dataspace Connector can be found here.

For an easy deployment, make sure that you have Docker installed. Then, execute the following command:

docker run -p 8080:8080 --name connector

If everything worked fine, the connector is available at https://localhost:8080/. The API can be accessed at https://localhost:8080/api. The Swagger UI can be found at https://localhost:8080/api/docs.

For certain REST endpoints, you will be asked to log in. The default credentials are admin and password. Please take care to change these when deploying and hosting the connector yourself!

For a more detailed explanation of deployment and configurations, see here.

Next, please take a look at our communication guide.

Note: For a more detailed or advanced Docker or Kubernetes deployment, as well as a full setup with the Connector and its GUI, see here. If you want to build and run locally, follow these steps.

Security and Verification

The Docker images are signed using cosign. The public key of the Dataspace Connector can be found at the root of the project structure (here).

For verifying that you have received an official image from a trusted source, run:

cosign verify --key

Software Bill of Material (SBoM)

The Software Bill of Material (SBoM) for every Docker image is supplied as SPDX-JSON and can be found by appending -sbom to the image tag. For example, the SBoM for is

The SBoM can be pulled via tools like oras.

oras pull -a

Note: Also the SBoM images can be validated using cosign as shown above.

Database Migration

Before updating to a new major release, please read this guide!

Connector Components Overview

The container architecture of the entire IDS Connector is made up of several components. Some of them are optional. At the center is the Dataspace Connector itself (connector core) with its connector data management. Optionally, the Dataspace Connector GUI can be used. Jaeger can be connected for displaying collected OpenTelemetry data. For the integration of IDS-Apps into the connector infrastructure, Portainer can be used to load IDS-Apps from an IDS-AppStore-Registry and manage them in the infrastructure. The actual data can be located both locally and externally. External IDS-Ecosystem components can be reached via IDS-Messages.

Container Overview

IDS Ready & IDS Sandbox

The Dataspace Connector is IDS ready and approved for IDS graduation scheme.

IDS Ready IDS Sandbox


You are very welcome to contribute to this project when you find a bug, want to suggest an improvement, or have an idea for a useful feature. Please find a set of guidelines at the and the

This project is currently no longer maintained but looking for new maintainers.

Applications for maintainers shall be directed to the International Data Spaces Association.

This project was previously maintained by Fraunhofer ISST and after that by sovity GmbH. Please do not approach former maintainers. If you have questions, plase open an issue / discussion for the community or approach the International Data Spaces Association.

Former maintainer, developer and contributer:


Copyright © 2020-2022 Fraunhofer ISST. This project is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 - see here for details.


This is an IDS Connector reference implementation.



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