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IDS Testbed is a setup with Open Source IDS components which can be used to verify that a component:

  • implements the IDS specifications for establishing connections and communication.
  • and, thus, can work interoperable with all IDS components in the testbed setup.

What is it for?

  • Component behaviour testing
  • Interoperability testing against IDS components (Connector, DAPS, CA, Metadata Broker)
  • Preparation for IDS certification
  • Starting point for creation of data spaces

▶️ This setup can also be used as a MVDS (Minimum Viable Data Space) that is a quickstart to sharing data in a secure and sovereign way. you can discover more on the Minimum Viable Data Space page.

🔽 If you would like to use it only for testing purposes, you can continue following the steps below.

How to get started?

  1. Git clone this repository to your local machine and go into the directory (usually cd IDS-testbed)

  2. Make sure you have correctly installed all the setting up requirements. Run docker compose up -d to start the Testbed and deploy all the components.

  3. Run the Postman collection to start the tests. There is a guide with the installation and use of Postman which is located here. Current available components for testing are: CA, DAPS, Dataspace connector, Metadata Broker.

  4. Test the compatibility of your own developed component following the steps of the Testbed User Guide.

  5. Download the Test Suite and follow the instructions to conduct automated tests for your own developed connector

Current version (V1.0)

Minimal setup with essential and already available components first_version

Used versions of the IDS-testbed components:

  • Certificate Authority (CA)
  • Dynamic Attribute Provisioning Service (DAPS) v1.6.0
  • Dataspace Connector (DSC) v8.0.2
  • MetadataBroker (MDB) v5.0.3

Implementations of the IDS Testbed

Please include in issue #104 the successful Testbed implementations you have made. Including:

  • Provider (company) name
  • A brief description of the testbed: what are you using it for?
  • Version of IDS-testbed components used (i.e. DSC v7.1.0, MDB v5.0.0, DAPS v1.6.0)
  • Whether it is public or private
Provider Description Components used Public or Private Use?
Engineering Verifying TRUEConnector compatibility with reference implementation DSC v7.1.0, MDB v5.0.0, DAPS v1.6.0 Private
VTT IDS-testbed has been utilized for hands-on experience during educational sessions organized by VTT. We have also used the components from IDS-testbed (DAPS, Broker and IDS connector) in VTT Data Space Innovation Lab (DSIL). MDB v4.2.8, DAPS v1.0.0, DSC v7.0.2 Private & Public (on demand)
ATOS How to deploy an IDS-Testbed using Kubernetes DSC v8.0.2, MDB v5.0.3, DAPS v1.6.0 Public


Version 2.0 of the test bed

Minimum viable data space with all essential components and first test cases next_version

Version X.Y of the test bed

Integration of all intended components into the setup next_version

Final vision for the testbed

On the long run, the testbed should be equipped with a test suite and testing components replacing the open source reference implementations of the components. vision