Updates to the Market Research Library API

Stuart Ridgway edited this page Nov 2, 2015 · 3 revisions

If you have been a user of the Market Research Library (MRL) API, then you may have noticed that the number of reports has shrunk. That’s because ITA is getting ready to re-release the MRL reports in a much more comprehensive way.

Right now the only reports in the MRL API are those that are most current and have the most value. ITA has removed only the older reports.

Coming late this fall is a revamped Market Research API. The API includes the content itself - not just the link to the PDF report. More importantly, the major sections of each report will be delineated and tagged separately. You can still grab the entire report in total, but you can also just pull the relevant sections that you need.

For example, if you want to provide information to your customers about a particular industry, you can pull the relevant industry sections from each Country Commercial Guide. This enables your customers to compare markets for that industry much more easily!

Look for announcements about the new Market Research API here.