Version 2 of ITA’s Data Services Platform Released

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ITA has good news for our data customers: we just released Version 2 of the Data Services Platform on March 31, 2015. This means you can access even more data more easily.

Please give us feedback about the APIs and the documentation by filling out our survey on Survey Monkey.

Here are the updates

  1. New APIs - We’ve added two new APIs:
  • Tariff Rates from all US Free Trade Agreements
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Exporting
  1. More Data Sets - We’re pulling in additional data sets to augment several of our existing APIs:
  • The Consolidated Screening List API now includes eleven lists with the addition of the Part 561 List and the Iranian Sanctions List.
  • The Trade Events API now includes events from the Export-Import Bank, the Small Business Administration, the US Trade and Development Agency, and the State Department’s Direct Line.
  • The Trade Leads API now includes overseas trade opportunities from FedBizOpps.
  1. More Data - We’re providing additional data within several of our existing APIs:
  • The Trade Events API now includes data for multiple contacts and multiple venues.
  • The Trade News and Articles API now includes several additional meta-data tags.
  • The Market Research Library API now includes several additional meta-data tags.
  1. API Keys - We’ve enhanced security by adding API keys to each Version 2 API:
  • It’s very easy to sign up for a key.
  • We don’t do any braking or metering usage.
  1. Address Query - You can now query the Consolidated Screening List API for specific addresses.
  2. Searchable Dates - All date fields in all APIs are now searchable. You can search on a specific date or within a range of dates.
  3. Please note: the new endpoints include /v2/ in the middle of their URL.

Please note, all of these improvements resulted in new URLs for the APIs so please consult the documentation to learn how to access them. We did not make changes to the existing APIs that you are currently using so your apps should not break. Nevertheless, we strongly encourage you to get an API key and upgrade your apps to point to the new APIs. The older APIs will be deprecated in a few months.

Keep your eye out for some fast follow updates coming soon…