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Internet of People

Internet of People (IoP) is a software project creating a decentralized software stack that provides the building blocks and tools to support a decentralized society.

This repository contains our Rust codebase that serves as common implementation and used with different bindings (WebAssembly, C FFI) in SDKs for other languages like Typescript or Dart as well.


After installing Rust using rustup, use the iop-sdk crate with the latest version as a dependency with cargo in file Cargo.toml of your project.


You can read a overview and descriptions of different components on our developer portal. We especially suggest reading glossary page for a detailed explanation of terms, concept and design principles of different software stack components.


  • json-digest provides a canonical Json format, derived content IDs and selectively building Merkle trees from parts of a Json document
  • keyvault implements a "generic cryptographic calculator": starting from a list of words it can deterministically derive an enormous number of private keys for any purpose like cryptocurrency addresses, DIDs, device keys, etc.
  • vault adds encryption support, pluggability with state handling and persistence to the pure calculator features of the keyvault
  • morpheus supports Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) with Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Claims/Credentials (VCs). It defines a state machine for keeping a queriable history of DIDs, their keys and rights with atomic transactions to change the state.
  • coeus implements a generic decentralized naming system (DDNS). It defines a state machine for managing resolvable names with atomic transactions to change the state.
  • hydra supports using the Hydra blockchain by building transactions for cryptocurrency operations (transfer, delegate voting, etc), or custom transactions with SSI and DNS operations.
  • sdk exports features of libraries above for clients in a single crate


As part of the IOP Stack™ Morpheus is a toolset to have gatekeeper-free identity management and verifiable claims as a 2nd layer on top of a blockchain







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