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Internet Activism

Digital tools to address global humanitarian issues.

Peace Through Code

Internet Activism is an international non-profit organization that develops digital tools to address global humanitarian issues. We partner with other humanitarian organizations to deploy our solutions to those in need.

Some examples of our work:

  • TakeShelter - housing over 100,000 people through multiple crises
  • Hyperlocal - secure communication without the internet
  • nCov2019 - COVID-19 statistics for 600,000,000 people


We have a community of 700+ technologists using technology for good, at all scales.

If you would like to take a closer look at our community, join our Discord.


We use open-source to maximize impact. By contributing to any project, big or small, you embody the core values of Internet Activism.

If you've never contributed to open source, learn more here.

A more formal contributing guideline will be posted soon.


  1. ProxyNow ProxyNow Public

    Forked from WhatsApp/proxy

    Easily set up a proxy to help people bypass internet censorship.

    Shell 13 1


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  • Hyperlocal Public

    Hyperlocal is a free, open source, Bluetooth messaging app, built to ensure the privacy and safety of communication between those without internet access.

    TypeScript 26 GPL-3.0 0 0 4 Updated Oct 25, 2023
  • .github Public
    0 0 0 0 Updated Apr 25, 2023
  • ProxyNow-website Public

    website for proxy now

    TypeScript 2 7 0 0 Updated Mar 21, 2023
  • ProxyNow Public

    Easily set up a proxy to help people bypass internet censorship.

    Shell 13 MIT 281 0 0 Updated Jan 31, 2023


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