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![App Logo](./Client/Source Code/res/drawable/logo.jpg?raw=true)


'Eval' is a Group-Quizzing application which can be used in classroom's for conducting inter group quiz and to monitor the performance's of all the students in class. It has a lot of good features like Student Authentication, Leader selection, Group formation which will allow students to become leaders and lead their group members. File transfer, Question Database, Performance Graph's for individual subjects, Overall Performance Graph's are also incorporated into this Application. Students will be awarded marks for their correct responses. Detailed performance statistics of all the students are presented to the Moderator of the Quiz by the Application.

In this project we have designed and developed a Networked Software for Android Tablets in Java which facilitates a system to perform an Inter-Group Quiz between peers distributively in a classroom. This application also monitors the peer's performance and stores a report at the server for later use by the Moderator.

Our Team

  • Mentors

    • Yougansh Sharma
    • Raeha Sandalwala
  • Developers

    • Vamshi Reddy
    • Rajat Goyal
    • Sukalyan Bhakat
    • Suman Barnwal
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