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Fathom Liquidity Protocol - Stable financial freedom for everyone, anytime, anywhere

Fathom Protocol Overview

Fathom Protocol is a decentralized finance ecosystem built on the XDC network. The Protocol's purpose is to increase the liquidity of the XDC network and make FXD, over-collateralized and soft-pegged Stablecoin, a central part of the XDC network DeFi ecosystem.

Fathom Protocol utilizes real-world assets (RWA) that can be used as collateral to mint FXD in addition to XDC, thus providing traditional asset exposures for Fathom Protocol users.

Fathom's Decentralized Exchange (DEX) serves as the main trading venue for XDC and FXD, bringing additional liquidity to the XDC network. In the future, tokenized real-world assets will be traded on the Fathom DEX, further increasing the liquidity of the XDC network.

Fathom's Decentralized Autonomous Organization (Fathom DAO) is an essential part of the Fathom Protocol and consists of the FTHM token, Governance, and Staking. FTHM token holders can earn in FTHM Staking rewards for their contribution to the ecosystem and gain voting power to participate in decision-making through the Governance process.

The Fathom Protocol is designed to be the focal point for all DeFi needs on the XDC network, providing a secure decentralized environment for users to deploy their assets in various ways. With our innovative solutions, Fathom Protocol will play a crucial role in the future of DeFi and the XDC Network. We strongly believe in RWA and that their integration into DeFi services will benefit users while boosting growth on the XDC network.

Fathom Protocol offers a complete and integrated DeFi solution for the decentralized economy by providing a stable and secure Stablecoin, a decentralized exchange, and community-driven Governance.



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