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Using Puppeteer to Scrape Websites with Infinite Scrolling

This directory is centered around scrape-infinite-scroll.js, which uses Puppeteer to scrape infinite scroll items from a demo page set up for it. The script's implementation details are described in the Using Puppeteer to Scrape Websites with Infinite Scrolling article published on the Intoli blog. Customizing the script should be straightfoward after reading this article.

To run the script, you need to have Node.js installed, which you can do using nvm. With that out of the way, download the contents of this directory to disk.

git clone https://github.com/Intoli/intoli-article-materials.git
cd intoli-article-materials/articles/scrape-infinite-scroll

And then install Puppeteer with

npm install

Finally, run the script with

node scrape-infinite-scroll.js