Secret santa is the #1 online gift exchange organizer.
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Welcome to Secret Santa Online gift exchange organizer!

Secret Santa Organizer is a free online Secret Santa gift exchange organizer! Organize a Secret Santa party with friends, family or even co-workers and add your wishlist.

See LICENSE for usage terms.


Getting started

First get the code on your machine.

git clone
cd SecretSanta

Install VirtualBox 4.3.10 and Vagrant 1.6.2 (or more recent).

vagrant up

Add the records from shell_provisioner/config/hosts.txt in your own /etc/hosts file.

Browse to to see the project homepage.

Extra info

If you need root in the box, use sudo -i or password vagrant.

All mails on the system are intercepted, regardless sender and receiver, and are delivered locally. You can access these mails from the URL /roundcube.

There is access to the MySQL database from URL /phpmyadmin, or with a remote connection. Login with user root, password vagrant.

Xdebug remote debugging is enabled. Configure your PhpStorm so you can step debug the code.

Run the tests with:

phpunit.phar -c app

Note, don't worry if you see the shell provisioning print a lot of red lines. It all works fine.