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CoMisSion - WhiteBox CMS analysis

CoMisSion is a tool to quickly analyze a CMS setup. The tool:

  • checks for the core version;
  • checks for modifications made on the core (additions, alterations, deletions) with a fresh archive downloaded from CMS official website;
  • looks for the last core version;
  • looks for vulnerabilities in core version used (WordPress only);
  • checks for plugins and themes version;
  • checks for modifications made on each plugin and each theme (additions, alterations, deletions) with a fresh archive downloaded from CMS official website;
  • looks for vulnerabilities in plugins and themes version used.

🔥 Attention: CoMisSion is not looking for vulnerabilities by analysing the source code. Vulnerabilities are gathered from public databases like wpvulndb. Finding new vulnerabilities is not the purpose of this tool.

A complete report can be generated in following formats:

  • XLSX
  • CSV
  • JSON (to allow the tool to be used in a CI process)

The tool has been tested on Linux and Windows. To avoid output pollution, I recommend setting --no-color option on Windows.


./ -c wordpress -d /cms_dir -o report.xlsx -t XLSX


The tool needs at least python3.6.

git clone
pip install -r requirements.txt


usage: [-h] -d DIR -c CMS [-o FILE] [-t TYPE] [--skip-core]
                    [--skip-plugins] [--skip-themes] [--no-color] [-f CONF]
                    [--log LOGFILE] [--wp-content WP_CONTENT]
                    [--plugins-dir PLUGINS_DIR] [--themes-dir THEMES_DIR]
                    [--major VERSION_MAJOR] [-v VERSION]
                    [--wpvulndb-token WPVULNDB_TOKEN] [--debug]

CoMisSion analyse a CMS and plugins used.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d DIR, --dir DIR     CMS root directory
  -c CMS, --cms CMS     CMS type (drupal, wordpress)
  -o FILE, --output FILE
                        Path to output file
  -t TYPE, --type TYPE  Type of output (CSV, XLSX, JSON, STDOUT). Default to
  --skip-core           Set this to skip core analysis
  --skip-plugins        Set this to skip plugins analysis
  --skip-themes         Set this to skip themes analysis
  --no-color            Do not use colors in the output.
  -f CONF, --file CONF  Configuration file. See example.conf.
  --log LOGFILE         Log output in given file.
  --wp-content WP_CONTENT
                        Set this to force the wp-content directory location.
  --plugins-dir PLUGINS_DIR
                        Set this to force the plugins directory location.
  --themes-dir THEMES_DIR
                        Set this to force the themes directory location.
                        Specify the core major version (eg. 7, 8) when using
                        --skip-core arg. Works only for Drupal.
  -v VERSION, --version VERSION
                        Specify the core full version (eg. 5.5).
  --wpvulndb-token WPVULNDB_TOKEN
                        Set a token to request wpvulndb API.
  --debug               Print debug message to help identify errors.

🔥 In order to get vulnerabilities for WordPress, you have to set the --wpvulndb_token arg. You can get one token with an account on wpvulndb.

You can provide a configuration file. See example.conf for reference.

CMS supported

  • Wordpress
  • Drupal (no vulnerability checks)


We are not publishing any official image yet. To use the tool with docker, you can build an image. In the project folder, build with:

docker build -t isec/comission .

Then run it with :

docker run -it --rm -v /TARGET_PATH/:/cms_path/ -v /OUTPUT_DIR/:/output/ isec/comission -d /cms_path/ -c drupal -o /output/test_docker.xlsx -t XLSX

Be careful to change the path "TARGET_PATH" and "OUTPUT_DIR" to match your folders.


Unit tests are available in tests folder. Before launching test, you should create a test-data-set directory containing drupal and wordpress subdirectories, and a test.conf file containing at least a wpvulndb_token value.


Paul Mars (Intrinsec)

Based on an idea of Etienne Boursier (Intrinsec)

This tools is distributed under the GPLv3 license. But be careful, the tool uses the wpvulndb API to gather information on WordPress core and plugins.


WhiteBox CMS analysis







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