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Osgood can be built from source by cloning the repository and running the following commands. This will require that you first install Rust and Node.js on your machine. Note that these are only required for building; they are unnecessary for running Osgood.

Install Rust

Osgood is built using Rust. Either run the command below or visit the Install Rust page for more details.

$ curl -sSf | sh

Install Node.js and npm

Osgood rebuilds some familiar JavaScript APIs which are commonly provided in browser environments but aren't part of the core JavaScript language itself. Some of these APIs we've built ourselves. Others are provided via an npm package.

Osgood therefore requires that such packages be downloaded during the build process. Once all necessary packages are present they're essentially concatenated together (via Webpack) and the resulting file is distributed with Osgood.

Run the following command to get a modern version of Node.js and npm:

$ curl -o- | bash


Run the following command to build Osgood:

$ cargo build

You can compile the project by running cargo build. This command compiles V8, which will likely take ~10-30 minutes on your machine. If you'd like to see V8's progress, run cargo build -vv instead.

To avoid unnecessary work, the build script will leverage any existing depot_tools package the machine already has, if the script can find the necessary commands in your PATH.

The build script can optionally use a custom or precompiled version of V8. To tell the script to do this, set the CUSTOM_V8 environment variable to the path to the V8 folder.

Ubuntu Users

There are a few packages you'll need before you'll be able to compile:

sudo apt install build-essential pkg-config libc++-dev libc++abi-dev \
  clang libclang-dev libssl-dev

Arch Linux Users

Google's depot_tools project has known issues when running on Arch Linux due to assumptions the project makes about the version of Python referenced by the python binary. Fixing this requires manual intervention; consider installing depot-tools-git from the AUR.

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