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Command Line Usage

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The most basic usage of Osgood requires that you run the osgood binary and pass in the path to an Application File as the only argument.

$ osgood ./app.js

Command Line Flags

Three basic flags are currently provided by Osgood:

$ osgood --help # displays help message
$ osgood --version # displays version number
$ osgood --v8-help # displays V8 flags

Additional flags can be passed to the underlying V8 engine. To get a list of the possible flags first run the command with the --v8-help flag. The listed flags can be passed in by prefixing them with --v8-. For example, the --max-old-space-size flag can be passed in like so:

$ osgood --v8-max-old-space-size=10 ./app.js
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