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3D printable Settlers of Catan tiles

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3D game pieces.

This is an accessory to be used with your Settlers of Catan game.

The tiles are 90mm across the diagonal of the hex. (same as originals)
The smaller hex tiles numbers/markers/houses/castles/etc are 31.6mm across the diagonal. (larger than originals)

I have included two styles of settlements/cities.
1) city/settlement; same as original except on a hex base.
2) house/castle; custom and with lots of detail

(caution high polygon count)
(rendering of complete game has 194150 vertices and 350881 facets)

All revisions will be added to the zip file (solid and hollow)

Mar 1/11 Fixed bottom of ore port marker and cleaned up ore tile.

Feb 10/11 Fixed water 2 stl's

Jan 31/11 Replaced Corrupt "set" zip files

Jan 30/11 Added "the great river" expansion with a bonus tile

Jan 30/11 Added Ship for seafarers expansion

Jan 30/11 Replaced Wheat with rev1 (larger wheat bundles for easier printing)

Jan 30/11 Added alternative set with a hole in the center for reduced printing time and ease of removing the number tokens (100% compatible with originals)

Jan 28/11 Added goldmine tile as requested by merlinjim

Jan 27/11 Replaced Castle with rev1 after skeinforge showed errors.

Jan 26/11 Replaced original water and port tiles with Version_2 containing entirely remodeled water and port tiles in three levels of subdivision and smoothing. (rendering is of the smoothest v2.2.stl)

Jan 26/11 Replaced Brick and brick port marker with a highly simplified version that should improve printability without compromising appearance. Brick red 90mm rev2.stl and Portmarker_brick_rev1.stl


The perfect project to use with theorbtwos's colorization trick.

Fill number recesses with contrasting paint.

The brown wood tiles need green foam flock added to the tops of the trees to complete them.
It is available from model shops and online.

And the green wool tiles should have small white pompoms added as sheep.
Available anywhere children's crafts are sold. 
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