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An open textbook focusing on computational principles of autonomous robots. The source-code is released under Creative Commons 4.0 (CC-BY-NC-ND), whereas the print version is copyrighted by MIT Press. You are therefore permitted to use images and content from the book for non-commercial purposes (including teaching) with proper attribution, but you cannot post compiled versions of the book online.

In order to compile a PDF of this book yourself, you either need a working implementation of Latex on your computer or use the online Latex editor Here, you can either upload a zip file of the source code ("download ZIP" option underneath the green "Code" button on this page), or fork the project into your Github account and import it directly into Overleaf from there.

This book can be cited as follows:

Nikolaus Correll, Bradley Hayes, Christoffer Heckman and Alessandro Roncone. Introduction to Autonomous Robots: Mechanisms, Sensors, Actuators, and Algorithms, MIT Press, 2022 (forthcoming).

  title={ Introduction to Autonomous Robots: Mechanisms, Sensors, Actuators, and Algorithms},
  author={Correll, Nikolaus and Hayes, Bradley, and Heckman, Christoffer, and Roncone, Alessandro},
  publisher={MIT Press, Cambridge, MA}