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PHP Sample Create Invoice

The Intuit Developer team has written this OAuth 2.0 Sample App in PHP to provide working examples on how to make QBO API calls to create an Invoice using tokens generated from the OAuth Playground

Table of Contents


In order to successfully run this sample app you need a few things:

  1. PHP 5.4 or above, with Curl extension installed
  2. A developer.intuit.com account
  3. An app on developer.intuit.com

First Use Instructions

  1. Clone the GitHub repo to your computer
  2. Use the Oauth playground to generate OAuth 2 tokens
  3. Provide your Access Token and RealmID from playground, and environment(sandbox/production) in the SampleInvoiceCreateAPICall.php file $settings array

Running the code

Once the sample app code is on your computer, you can do the following steps to run the app:

php SampleInvoiceCreateAPICall.php