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Nginx installer and service behaviour for windows.

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Nginx for Windows

Nginx for Windows is an installer that set up a Nginx instance running as a service under Microsoft Windows platforms. The Nginx version will be downloaded in compilation time from Nginx's official site - To achieve service behaviour it uses the "Non Sucking Service Manager" -


In order to build this script, you must have NSIS installed. Under Debian/Ubuntu:

$ apt-get install nsis

Afterwards, just build the NSIS script:

$ make

A binary called nginx-service.exe will be created inside the "build" folder and can be installed on any Windows 32&64 bits by just double clicking on it.

New versions

In order to use newer versions of Nginx or NSSM you have to edit the variables inside the makefile choosing the apropiate version number:



The installer will create a folder called sites-available just like in debian. Inside there are two examples of Nginx sites. You should copy one of them to the sites-enabled folder and restart the service or reload configuration with:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Nginx> nginx.exe -s reload
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