A jQuery plugin to make bootstrap tabs work nicely in responsive layouts
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Bootstrap Responsive Tabs

By Invent Partners [http://inventpartners.com]

Bootstrap Responsive Tabs is a jQuery plugin which enables Bootstrap tab menus to work well in responsive layouts. When horizontal space is limited, the tab menu will display as many menu items as it can in tabs, and then collapse the remaining menu items into a drop down menu at the end of the tab list.


Copyright 2016 Invent Partners http://www.inventpartners.com

Licensed under an MIT style license



Check out the demos: Bootstrap 3 / Bootstrap 4.


Bootstrap Responsive Tabs requires Bootstrap (CSS and JavaScript) and jQuery.

Please note that Bootstrap 4 users should use the files in the /bootstrap4 folder.


$(function() {

More details here: [http://www.inventpartners.com/open-source/bootstrap-responsive-tabs]