A flexible 2 tier responsive burger menu
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Invent Flex Responsive jQuery Burger Menu Demo

By Invent Partners [http://inventpartners.com]

This responsive menu plugin displays a horizontal menu on desktop / large tablet displays, and collapses to a slide out burger menu on smaller mobile devices.

The burger aligns right by default, and will slide out of the right hand side of the screen by default. It can be aligned left by adding a class of "left" to the menu button and to the menu itself.

SASS source files are provided for all CSS.


Check out the demo.


jQuery is the only requirement for this plugin.


Include the JavaScript and CSS files.

Markup your nav using unordered lists and give them an id of inv-menu. Feel free to play with the CSS to change the colours etc. Markup your burger menu with an id of inv-nav-main-btn.

View the source of the demo page for further guidance on the markup etc.

More details here: [http://www.inventpartners.com/open-source/flexible-responsive-burger-menu]