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Getting Started

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When starting the PluginBlueprint Editor, you'll see the main menu with the options to Create a new project or open an existing one & a list of your recently opened projects (if there are any).

Creating a new Project

When you click the Create New Project Button, you'll be asked to pick a directory your project will be saved to. (It generally doesn't matter where you save it, you should just be able to find it later on)

Next, you have to give your Project a name. This name will also later be the name of your plugin. (You can change this later on)

Finally, you need to have a spigot.jar server executable somewhere on your computer. If you've worked with Spigot/Bukkit plugins before, you'll likely have that already and you can just click Select. (If you're using Paper, make sure to use the patched.jar in the cache directory paperclip generates) Otherwise, please click the I don't have one button and follow the instructions there.

Editor Basics

After creating your project, you are sent to the Blueprint canvas.

To add a Node, you either right-click and browse the available classes manually, or you can simply double-click and empty section of the canvas and search for what you want to add.

Once you added a Node, you can right-click on it to select which In/Outputs you want the node to have.

To continue the "chain" of your Blueprint, you can simply double click on an Output to create & link the appropriate Node.