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jinjabread version 2018.05

Disclaimer: It's a prototype full of unexpected behavior like throwing nondescript errors when using single quotes when it expects double quotes. I fully intend to rip out the prototype code and replace it with proper salt template rendering code. Just have to find the time to dig into it.



Jinjabread is a very simple jinja syntax checking tool for creating SaltStack states.

It's divided into 4 windows, Grains, Pillar, State and Output, assuming you're familiar with SaltStack this does not require much explanation. If none of that makes sense, SaltStack is a Remote Execution Framework with Configuration Management capabilities. If you're a sysadmin/devops/ITguy supporting IT infrastructure of any size, SaltStack is great and you should check it out.

Essentially, you type in the grains and pillar data you want, write your state template with your jinja2, press ctrl+b or click the render button.

If things go well, it produces the state in the output to make sure it rendered correctly. If an error has occured it should tell you with relative accuracy where it went wrong.

But, why?

Figuring out where and why your state broke can be an arduous task, especially if you are just starting out with SaltStack for the first time. This tool aims to help either getting started writing states, or just debugging that one state you just can't seem to fix.

I hope you enjoy it

Try a demo at



  • Renders Jinja2 and YAML


  • Shareable links to share with others for help
  • Proper salt integration, to use salt modules


  • Support for multiline comments {# multiline comment #} throws some confusing yaml syntax errors

Known issues

  • Does not work in Internet Explorer


python 3.5+ pipenv 2018+


git clone
cd jinjabread
pip install pipenv
pipenv sync
pipenv run start

Browse to localhost:5000


Build container

pipenv run build

Test container

docker run -d -p 80:80 --name jinjabread jinjabread:latest

Browse to localhost/


SaltStack - Extensive use of their code from github

Codemirror - Code highlighting in textarea

Bootstrap3 - general styling

jqueryUI - Resizable divs

PersistState - persist jqueryUI through refresh