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Welcome to the Audio Adventure, a Girls Who Code final project made with love in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Here's what's happening right now:

  • school. All of our team members are busy seniors, so there's not a lot going on here right now. :(
  • but we're still alive; updates still happen when time permits!

Questions or comments? Drop us a line at, or on our Facebook page.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope you enjoy your stay!

-The Invisure Games team (Microsoft SVC '17)

*The code you'll find in this repository is one part of this project: the other part ("the Box") is a physical object that cannot be transmitted through cyberspace, so you won't find it here. The Box is exactly what it sounds like, but better -- it's a custom laser-cut box that houses a Raspberry Pi, which in turn houses our code. It's a self-contained gaming console, complete with USB/audio ports, braille, and clicky buttons! It was last seen in our classroom at Microsoft. We know it's out there somewhere.

*(updated November 2017)