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A database access profiler for Django-based applications that can be ran in production
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Django-live-profiler is a low-overhead data access and code profiler for Django-based applications. For more information, check out


  1. Run pip install django-live-profiler
  2. Add 'profiler' app to INSTALLED_APPS
  3. Add 'profiler.middleware.ProfilerMiddleware' to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES
  4. Optionally add 'profiler.middleware.StatProfMiddleware' to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES to enable Python code statistical profiling (using statprof). WARNING: this is an experimental feature, beware of possible incorrect output.
  5. Add url(r'^profiler/', include('profiler.urls')) to your urlconf


In order to start gathering data you need to start the aggregation server:

$ aggregated --host --port 5556

Visit for results.

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