Most advanced dependency loader on the web, uses old mootools file definition format (scripts.json)
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What is it? A dependency builder. I guess, the most advanced one.

I'll put up a more informative README someday.

Key features:
  - Doesnt require mootools (but intended to be used with)
  - Asynchronous
  - Packaging/Bundling (server can pre-pack files, client knows where to find the file)
  - Multiple environments (produciton, development). Can retrieve settings from server.
  - Caching all the way, tagging files with GET param, 
  - Can require mootools file-by-file basis (HOT for development)
  - Supports image packages (data-uri, mht)
  - Supports autoloading of extensions (drop in a file named File.Ext, builder'll load it when File will be requested). 
    Good for maintainability.
  - Supports files served off multiple assets subdomains
  - Very fast
  - Used in production on
  using("Element", function() {
    new Element('div')

Works best with server-side packer. 

Please, contact me (Yaroslaff Fedin, if you want more stuff to be published and documented.