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Previous Version {#big-important-note}

If you missed the link above, the previous FancyUpload for MooTools 1.11 is still available including example code and minor updates.

Features {#features}

  • Select and upload multiple files
  • Filter files by type in the select dialog
  • Optional Events to add your own behaviour
  • Show and filter useful file information before the upload starts
  • Limit uploads by file count and/or file size
  • Platform and server independent, just needs Flash 9+ (> 95% penetration)
  • Unobtrusive, since the element is replaced after the swf loaded successfully
  • Cancel running uploads, add files during upload
  • Everything is optional, documented and easy editable
  • New in 2.0
    • Get the server response after upload for showing additional informations or previewing the image, etc.
    • Shows the current upload speed and the time left
    • Send additional request data via GET or POST variables
    • Set the filename for the upload request
  • New in 2.1
    • Works in Flash 10 by adding a clickable overlay

Compatibility {#compatibility}

Fully compatible with all [A-Grade Browsers][] (Internet Explorer 6+, Opera 9, Firefox 1.5+ and Safari 3+) with Adobe Flash 9 and 10 player.

How to use {#how-to}

Will be written for the final release, at this time the showcases are the best documentation.

Tips, Tricks and Quirks {#faq}

How do I access the uploaded files?

: Every upload, even with multiple files, results in one request. Access the uploaded file via

- PHP: $_FILES['Filedata']
- Perl: $main::cgi->param('Filedata'); ... [example](
- Rails: params[:Filedata] ... [example](
- ASP: [Fancy Upload and Classic ASP](

*Filedata* is the default value for the option fieldName, so you can change it. The submitted content-type is always "application/octet-stream", so don't trust it when you validate the file.

Flash-request forgets cookies and session ID

: Flash FileReference is not an intelligent upload class, the request will not have the browser cookies, Flash saves his own cookies. When you have sessions, append them as get-data to the the URL (e.g. "upload.php?SESSID=123456789abcdef"). Of course your session-name can be different.

Are cross-domain uploads possible?

: Forum solution, and FileReference docs:

> For uploading and downloading operations, a SWF file can access files only within its own domain, including any domains that are specified by a cross-domain policy file. If the SWF that is initiating the upload or download doesn't come from the same domain as the file server, you must put a policy file on the file server.
[More on security and link to cross-domain policies](

FancyUpload does not load, the input element gets not replaced

: Check in Firebug in Net/Flash that the SWF file loads correctly. If not double check your given options.

Uploads fail with 404 error code

: Check your URL and better use an absolute upload URL.

IE takes the upload url *relative* to the swf, all other browsers relative to the html/current file. So the best solution is an absolute path for the option url or rather the form action. *If you have problems with failed upload and 404 error codes, try an absolute url*, in your form-action or url option when creating your FancyUpload instance.

Uploads fail with 406/403 error

: From the swfupload documentation:

> If you are using Apache with mod_security this will not work, you need to put the following in your .htaccess file to disable mod_security:
> 	SecFilterEngine Off
> 	SecFilterScanPOST Off
> Disabling mod_security isn't allowed on some shared hosts, and only do this if you know what you are doing.
> This is due to a bug in the way that flash sends the headers back to the server according to the Flash 8 documentation

Uploads fail with 403/500 error

: Check your server config, there must be something wrong. Also see 404, double check the upload URL.

Uploads and Basic Authentication

: Flash does not care about authenticated Browsers. Firefix/Win/Flash 9 can handle it, IE too, Mac can't handle it. Anyways, Flash will ask for its own access username and password.

Requirements {#requirements}

It does not depend on any server-side architecture or language.

MooTools JavaScript Framework 1.2

Download MooTools 1.2.

  • Element.Events
  • Fx.Tween
  • Fx.Transitions
  • Selectors
  • Json
  • Swiff
  • DomReady (facultative)

Don't use compressed code during development to simplify debugging.

Download {#download}

References {#references}