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0.2.3, 14.10.2010
* Add a dispose event. Injecting into another parent triggers disposal first.
* Make it really remove nested events.
* Dont use wrapper anymore
* Add increment/decrement methods to slider
* Sane scrollbars & resizable and them working together. Todo: Hold scrollbar increment button to repeadetly scroll the content. For fucks sake, it's been a long time.
Good things here is that we try not to double-render the widget when hitting boundaries, rather than we try to precalculate values and render the ones already affected by limits.
* New cool drawing feature: Layer offsets. You can specify now any layer on the widget to have offsets in pixels or percents (calculated from widgets height & widget). Small but VERY expressive feature.
* New layer presets like ART.Layer.Fill.Background && ART.Layer.Fill.Background.Offset.
* Widget can now build layout without parent assigned. Used for building scrollbars at the moment
* Cleanups
0.2.2, 7.10.2010
* Fully remanaged fast arrays of various styles and properties. All things ART.ComplexStyles, ART.Styles.Element, ART.Styles.More, Widget.Ignore.Events and other guys become Widget.[Styles|Events|Attributes|States].[Ignore|Paint|Complex].
* Added a way to set events for specific value of state :) And a whole new cool way of stacking event definitions together. Here is a not very useful example to get the idea:
new Class({
Includes: [
options: {
events: {
enabled: { //only applied when the widget is enabled, removed when disabled
element: {
click: 'execute' //do action
hovered: { //nesting in action. only applied when element is enabled and hovered
mousemove: 'releaseUnicorns'
disabled: {
element: {
click: 'pulsate' //friendly way to show that the thing is disabled
pulsate: function() {},
releaseUnicorns: function() {}
You can make your own state-specific event groups by extending LSD.States.Evevnts.[Positive|Negative]
* Added a way to make state set real attribute on change instead of only pseudo class with emulation. Used for disabled state to set a corresponding attribute for element to stop taking focus and other things
* Made actions into class definition. Now you can add your own actions just like events or layers:
new Class({
Extends: ART.Widget,
options: {
actions: {
explode: {
enable: function() {
//will fire when widget is enabled and in dom
disable: function() {
//will fire when element is disabled, sometimes before enable
//if widget is disabled from the start. so if you want to detach
//events on some objects, make sure it exists in the first time
if (this.drag) this.drag.detach() //not this.getDrag().detach()
//optional below
uses: ['#handle'], //wait for widget (any selectors in array) before enable
lazy: false, //an option to not enable/disable from the start,
//when true, means you have to manually
// this.addAction(this.options.actions.explode)
run: false, //when true doesnt wait for widget to be injected into dom. enables right away.
events: 'explode' //will [add|remove]Events(
* Removed outerclick from the codebase for good. Goodbye, buggy friend.
* Removed retain event definition from all the widgets and put into a focus trait. Because almost everything needs it. For the cases when you dont need it, just put a "delete" on top of the initialize function.
The above code is actually used in Menu trait.
* Going further splitting states and traits. Now State goes into its own object, then Stateful array then is [State, Trait], like this:
LSD.Trait.Item.State = Class.Stateful({
selected: ['select', 'unselect']
LSD.Trait.Item.Stateful = [
Gives ability to include state only. Useful for including focus/blur state without focus trait logic.
* Revamped slider and touchable trait so they get disabled correctly. Right now, if the slider starts disabled, nothing gets attached at all. Thanks to new action system.
* Widget now fires enable event by default on initialization
* Relicensed under Public domain (
* When trying to initialize a trait from class tag, try to use .Stateful sub-class first.
* Use the new object storages
* Use new enabled event subgroups
* Use new Mixin.Focus.State, LSD.Mixin.Touchable.Stateful, Mixin.Focus.Stateful
* Add getElements/getElement methods to DOM trait that use Slick. Use those methods in Radio widget to locate widgets with the same name
* Rewor input range to avoid creating slider object on initialization. Saves a few extra function calls for disabled ranges. Need a way to set value when its disabled though and position the thumb.
* Remove all retain event definitions from widget. They are now inherited from Focus trait
* Make Draggable and Resizable trait use new actions with 'uses' calls to wait for handles. Very handy and cool.
* Hoverable got greatly simplified because of action system.
* Active & Focused states are no longer in a base widget! :) Built ins right now are: hidden, disabled, built & attached. Two latter are internal and are not reflected with changing class or adding pseudo
* Relicensed under Public domain (
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