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Vkontakte.ruby is an API for syncing personal data with the local StrokeDB database.
The following is the propsed API. It works partially, however needs more work on parsers.
me = "", "whatever" #=> 5567476
me.videos #=> [{"duration"=>"4:17", "title"=>"Gabriel", "performer"=>"Lamb", "operate"=>"40134438,1522,5567476,'2ca4745378',257"}, {"duration"=>"1:14", "title"=>"Generation of Terror", "performer"=>"Fexamot", "operate"=>"39117745,1527,5567476,'7b61c70c8a',74"}...]
me.friends.each do |f|
friend = #created by-id
if friend.friends.any? {|ff| ff == }
p "#{} is your mutual friend"
p "#{} is not your friend at all."
# Maybe something like friend.invite_by(me) here?
Call them bots, if you please. They are used to browser other user's profiles like this:"", "whatever").puppetize! #=> [<#User...>], the array of all active puppets
other ="5567476") #no password or email, just id #=> [{"duration"=>"2:51", "title"=>"Дождь", "performer"=>"Эллизиум", "operate"=>"41451493,1069,4154652,'42ee3564e0',171"}, {"duration"=>"2:58", "title"=>"Я кричу", "performer"=>"Эллизиум", "operate"=>"41414509,1110,324642,'264be6e4fa',178"}]
MIT License.
* Oleg Andreev <>
* Alexandr Naumchuk <>
* Victor Brylew <>
* Yaroslaff Fedin <>