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Invoice Generator API

For those times when you just need an invoice


We created a simple API at Invoiced to generate invoice PDFs on the fly. This service has been used internally by us for some time. We believe this could be helpful in your project as well. The most obvious use case to us is generating an invoice from a webhook off a SaaS billing system like Stripe.

The API only has a single endpoint that returns a PDF. We don't store any of your invoice data.



Sample Projects


Getting Started

curl https://invoice-generator.com \
  -d from="Invoiced, Inc." \
  -d to=Parag \
  -d logo="https://invoiced.com/img/logo-invoice.png" \
  -d number=1 \
  -d date="Feb 9, 2015" \
  -d due_date="Feb 16, 2015" \
  -d items[0][name]="Starter plan monthly" \
  -d items[0][quantity]=1 \
  -d items[0][unit_cost]=99 \
  -d notes="Thanks for being an awesome customer!" \
  -d terms="Please pay by the due date." \
> invoice.pdf

JSON Input

JSON input is also accepted with the Content-Type header set to application/json

curl https://invoice-generator.com \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{"from":"Invoiced, Inc.","to":"Parag","logo":"https://invoiced.com/img/logo-invoice.png","number":1,"items":[{"name":"Starter plan","quantity":1,"unit_cost":99}],"notes":"Thanks for your business!"}' \
> invoice.pdf

VAT Example

Here's a simple cURL example for generating invoices with VAT:

curl https://invoice-generator.com \
  -d from="Invoiced, Inc.%0AVAT ID: 1234" \
  -d to="Jared%0AVAT ID: 4567" \
  -d logo="https://invoiced.com/img/logo-invoice.png" \
  -d number=1 \
  -d date="Feb 9, 2015" \
  -d payment_terms="Charged - Do Not Pay" \
  -d items[0][name]="Starter Plan Monthly" \
  -d items[0][quantity]=1 \
  -d items[0][unit_cost]=99 \
  -d tax_title="VAT" \
  -d fields[tax]="%" \
  -d tax=8 \
  -d notes="Thanks for being an awesome customer!" \
  -d terms="No need to submit payment. You will be auto-billed for this invoice." \
> invoice.vat.pdf

Parameter Reference

Invoice Options

Parameter Description Default Value
currency ISO 4217 3-digit currency code USD
fields Object - see Invoice Fields below {"tax":"%","discounts":false,"shipping":false}

Invoice Template

These parameters control the titles of the fields on the invoice template.

Parameter Default Value
header INVOICE
to_title Client
invoice_number_title #
date_title Date
payment_terms_title Payment Terms
due_date_title Due Date
purchase_order_title Purchase Order
quantity_header Quantity
item_header Item
unit_cost_header Rate
amount_header Amount
subtotal_title Subtotal
discounts_title Discounts
tax_title Tax
shipping_title Shipping
total_title Total
amount_paid_title Amount Paid
balance_title Balance
terms_title Terms
notes_title Notes


When a value is null or zero, the field will not be shown on the invoice. The exception to this are the required fields from, to, date, and items.

Parameter Description Default Value
logo URL of your logo null
from The name of your organization null
to The entity being billed - multiple lines ok null
number Invoice number null
purchase_order Purchase order number null
date Invoice date current date
payment_terms Payment terms summary (i.e. NET 30) null
due_date Invoice due date null
items Array of objects - see Line Items below []
discounts Subtotal discounts - numbers only 0
tax Tax - numbers only 0
shipping Shipping - numbers only 0
amount_paid Amount paid - numbers only 0
notes Notes - any extra information not included elsewhere null
terms Terms and conditions - all the details null

Invoice Fields

The fields object toggles the discounts, tax, and shipping fields. Each field can have a value of %, true, or false. For example to add a percent tax rate and flat shipping to your invoice you would send this:

  "fields": {
    "tax": "%",
    "discounts": false,
    "shipping": true
  "tax": 7,
  "shipping": 15

Line Items

Line items are represented as an array of objects. Here's an example:

  "items": [
      "name": "Gizmo",
      "quantity": 10,
      "unit_cost": 99.99,
      "description": "The best gizmos there are around."
      "name": "Gizmo v2",
      "quantity": 5,
      "unit_cost": 199.99

Rate Limiting

The invoice-generator.com API is rate limited. With almost every use case this should not be an issue. If an API call does trigger rate limiting then we will respond with a 429 status code to let you know to try generating your invoice again later. If you frequently run into these limits then you might also consider using our paid service at invoiced.com.

Feature Requests and Bug Reports

We would love to hear your thoughts! You can create an issue on GitHub for any issues you encounter or feature requests. If the matter is more private you can reach us at hello@invoiced.com.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Invoice-generator.com (a service of Invoiced) does not store any of your information on its servers. The functionality on invoice-generator.com is provided "as is" with no expressed or implied warranties. By using invoice-generator.com you agree to not hold its owner liable for any consequential or incidental damages.

We place no restrictions on how you use invoices generated from our service. The service itself including the use of the Invoiced name, invoice template, domain names and other distinctive brand features are protected by copyright and other laws: © Invoiced. All rights reserved.