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v1.1.0r2 (small refresh)

  • Updated to Phonegap 7.0.1
  • Fixed Icons detection for Phonegap. (Due to PG Build update?)
  • Fixed Loader scrolling bug
  • Major documentation update based on user feedback. New FAQ section.
  • Small fixes in Involt website code.

v1.1.0 (changes in this version are not backward compatibile)

  • Moved to node-webkit (due to google announcements about depreciating chrome apps).

  • Changes in syntax and UI elements to be focused on HTML inputs and their attributes (old syntax still works, some things are not backward compatibile, some UI elements are removed)

  • Changes in communication method (working more like global thread)

  • Normal pagination between pages possible (as html files).

  • Added possibility to listen for certain pin and trigger function when value is received

  • The involt core functions are independed from JQuery

  • Fixed the issue with not reconnecting serial port when loader is not launched

  • Refactored code and changes in some function names (and their locations)

  • Improved the behaviour of forms

  • Fixed problem with not displaying placeholders in inputs.

  • Changed the way how JQuery methods work (affects all UI elements)

  • All syntax parameters can be added by html attributes.

  • Reduced unnecessary ui elements ( toggle & button-toggle are merged, inputs are merged into involt-input, custom buttons are removed)

  • Improved usability and semantics of framework (pin arrays are merged into array)

  • Changes in UI kit CSS (due to problems with phonegap and simplicity of editing it)

  • Involt "layout" is depreciated (it's not neccessary with normal pagination and reduces load times especially on mobile)

  • BT LE beta depreciated (for now)

  • Changes in manifest file (now package.json, window dimensions can be changed here)

  • Moved the config.xml due to changes in phonegap build

  • Changes in files structure and code

  • Updated, simplified documentation and wiki (based on my observations and feedback)


  • Low Energy support for Mobile tested with Adafruit Bluefruit(beta)
  • added gitignore file
  • Fixed CSS of loader for mobile
  • Fixed density scaling for mobile

v1.0.7 & v1.0.8

  • Mobile support with Classic Bluetooth and Android (Phonegap) (see mobile page)
  • Pagination and layout (see layout page).
  • Improved glitches reduction when receiving multiple string data (improvements still will be continued).
  • New arduino sketch that reduces the usage of string object (technically improves memory distribution and performance).
  • Direct mode is now depreciated.
  • Sending function from arduino to app with involtSendFunction (previously only from app to arduino, now bi-directional) (see functions page).
  • Functions from app to arduino now are defined in css class instead of html attribute (add fn-functionName to css syntax)
  • value now must be added in css syntax with value- prefix. For example: ard button P3 value-255.
  • Separated arrays involtPin and involtString in both app and arduino sketch.
  • analogPins is now involtReceivedPin
  • New elements in reference: switch, involt-cta, involt-input, submit-button and html forms.
  • changes in bar and rangeslider behaviour (new classes: label-constant for constant label and for rangeslider fluid - to send values on real time, now by default rangeslider sends value on release to prevent buffer overload).
  • new .sendAndUpdate JQuery method
  • New CSS layout.
  • Improved performance.
  • Changes in files structure (mobile related issues).
  • New documentation and additional explanations based on user feedback.


  • Classic Bluetooth support, tested on hc-05 100% working
  • Fixed problems with blocked port on relaunching app.
  • Now it's possible to hold serial connection instead of reconnecting
  • JQuery .append() now works correctly with Involt elements
  • Major changes in involt.js
  • Improved debug notifications and error messages
  • Moved UI kit functions to framework.js
  • arduinoSend and sendFn now are involt object methods (involt.arduinoSend, involt.sendFn)
  • toggle-pwm changed to button-toggle
  • default values for knob and bar : range-0-1024
  • fixed bar scaling to range
  • changes in sketch function names (changed from chrome to involt ex. chromeSend = involtSend) and added to sketch involtSendString function (previously described in tutorials but not included in sketch).
  • involt website and documentation redesign


  • Now you can use the fn html attribute or .sendFn() method to send additional string which can be used to trigger functions in Arduino sketch. Tutorial is included.
  • Added string html attribute to define string with more than single word (it removes the css limitations).
  • Changed simple-slider to noUi slider plugin and fixed problem with defining beginning value of rangeslider.
  • Fixed knob-send problems with duplicated values sending.
  • Default values for dynamic elements: beginning value: 0, range: 0-255, step: 1.
  • Fixed problem with undefined array in Arduino sketch.
  • New examples on github.


  • Major changes in involt.js
  • Involt works like JQuery Plugin.
  • New JQuery methods that are Involt functions: pinDefine, sendValue, updateValue, sendString, pinSwap.
  • Defining Involt custom element is now more flexible with new methods and by way how it defines parameters.
  • Syntax is now more user friendly - now it's easier to work with many Involt elements. (Improved syntax readability)
  • Arduino sketch improvements. Now direct mode is not default and added autoPinMode to automatically define pinMode for upcoming pin data (It's default but it can be turned off when we are mixing digital inputs and outputs).
  • Improved performance.
  • Changes in documentation.
  • New tutorial and getting started page (explained JQuery support)


  • Major changes in involt.js
  • Reduced CPU usage especially when receiving data from Arduino.
  • Fixed problems when connecting to device, fixed problems with connection ID.
  • JQuery objects rather than static variables (improved JS/JQuery support and performance in some objects, now it's easier to use involt with your custom script).
  • Removed JQuery UI as required plugin.
  • Send/receive additional pins is now easier. There is a new tutorial which describes how to do this.
  • Changes in syntax, removed CSS multi-pins support (It's possible not by using CSS but by custom JQuery or using non-direct mode in arduino sketch).
  • Improved Arduino sketch (chromeSend function is now more flexible).
  • Added radio and checkbox
  • Divided CSS of loader and UI kit
  • New website and documentation.
  • Changes in tutorials.
  • New pages on Involt wiki.
  • Backlog on issues page.


  • Added knob-send.
  • Created "multiple pins" feature in some objects.
  • Redesigned "bar" to automatically scale element to CSS width.
  • Recreated loader and fixed error messages on port connecting.
  • Small changes in UI.


  • Changed data read functions. (reduced CPU usage)
  • Fixed knob function
  • Changes in slider and JQuery compatibility
  • Fixed CSS for loader
  • Fixed error with reading additional analog pins with index number greater than 9


  • Improved UI kit
  • Added hover element
  • Changes in syntax
  • Changed Slider from HTML input to JQuery UI element
  • Improved functions & JQuery compatibility
  • Merged two sketches with direct & non-direct mode

Older versions are not available on Github.