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A work-in-progress Wii game file replacement engine written for the BrainSlug game patching utility.

Tested and confirmed to be working on Mario Kart Wii (RMCP, RMCE, RMCJ).


  • Improve symbols in dvd.xml
  • Add DVDReadAsyncPrio support
  • Allow for custom end user specified files (e.g. "My Stuff" folder)
  • Add support for additional DVD functions (such as directories), may be required for some games
  • Add USB support (requires creation of a libfat-usb driver for BrainSlug)

For end users:

Right now, there is no way for an end user to take advantage of Emvolution unless it is included with a distribution with everything prepared. In the future, there may be a version allowing you to use a folder on your SD card out of the box from a release download.

For developers: How to use

  1. Install the latest devkitPPC and libogc.
  2. Download the latest BrainSlug source code and run make install to install the required files.
  3. Edit replacements.h - simply add your replacements in the form of { "/file/to/replace", "sd:/replacement/file" } into the replacements array. For example:
    const char* replacements[][2] = {
        { "/Boot/Strap/eu/English.szs", "sd:/custom/Strap.szs" },
        { "/Scene/UI/MenuSingle.szs", "sd:/custom/MenuSingle.szs" },
        { "/Scene/UI/MenuSingle_E.szs", "sd:/custom/MenuSingle_E.szs" },
        { "/rel/lecode-PAL.bin", "sd:/custom/lecode-PAL.bin" },
  4. Run make inside the Emvolution project directory.
  5. Load the resulting emvolution.mod module with your BrainSlug channel.
    • Make sure you have the dvd.xml file loaded as a symbol as well as the default BrainSlug symbols, and make sure that you have libfat.mod, libsd.mod and libfat-sd.mod loaded too.

Note: Unlike Riivolution, you can not replace the main executable (main.dol) of a game using this method. Please use a BrainSlug module to apply the necessary patches to the game executable. Files dynamically linked into the game (.rel) can still be replaced, however it's advised to also use a BrainSlug module to patch these files upon OSLink to avoid redistributing game content, and to keep downloads smaller.


Game file replacement engine for BrainSlug (Wii)