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Custom Block Design Assets For WordPress 5 Gutenberg Editor
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Gutenberg Block Design Assets

This repo contains design files with assets for quickly creating custom block mockups for the WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg editor. The files are designed and provided by Organic Themes.

Block Design Assets

Each design asset is created using vector shapes for scalability. All layers have been carefully labeled and organized within folders. Additionally, PSD and PDF file formats are provided for maximum compatibility.

The Roboto and Noto Serif fonts from Google Fonts are used within the design files. It's recommended that you download and install the fonts prior to opening the design files. The fonts are included in this repo, but may also be downloaded from Google Fonts.

Our hope is that these files will be useful for designers and developers intending to create new WordPress blocks.

How To Use

  1. Download and open in Photoshop or similar design software
  2. The assets are separated into 3 different folders, block-controls, block-setup, and block-settings
  3. Open each folder to reveal its associated assets
  4. Design away!

Software Version

This design file was created using Photoshop CS6. It may be opened with Photoshop CS6 or any newer version of the software. Additionally, the PSD and PDF files may be opened in any other design software that accepts the file formats.


Contributions to the design are appreciated. However, please explain exactly what was changed. Because it’s a binary file, we won’t be able to do an automated merge and our team will review and manually merge what you describe.

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