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using a esp8266 as a temperature logger for a room with a central hub
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IoT temperature Tracking

using a ESP8266 as a temperature logger for a room with a central hub and sending data to a server with a simple GET request.

This project is bigger than just tracking temperature in your home, the big picture is going to be to build a thermostat to use this data. I will be adding to this project every step of the way and I will also be accepting pull requests as long as they fit.

parts needed


This project requires some king of central server to hold all the data, it can be a raspberry pi or a home computer running PHP and SQLite.

Other stuff

Sign up for a free account to to track local weather data (I find this helpful to compare data)

you can add unlimited sensors around the home or outside as long as they have Wifi or some kind of IoT.

This is a work in progress and I will be updating this repo as I build.

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