An open source oneM2M conformance testing tool project.
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Welcome to open source oneM2M conformance testing tool project.


  • oneM2MTester project is a oneM2M conformance testing project which was initialized by Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI) in January 2016.

  • The project is collaborated with 11 international members including

    • Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI),
    • Sejong University (SJU),
    • Ericsson,
    • Korea Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA),
    • Easy Global Market (EGM),
    • Sensinov,
    • InterDigital,
    • LAAS-CNRS,
    • InnoWireless,
    • DTNC,
    • Huawei.
  • The project aims to develop and distribute an open source oneM2M conformance testing tool and associated user manuals.

  • The oneM2MTester tool is developed based on open source Eclipse TITAN for oneM2M platform developers or testing engineers to test and evaluate their oneM2M implementations (CSE and AE) during or after the implementation development.


  • Active participation and demonstration oneM2MTester in international conference and events.
  • We prepare and upload oneM2MTester conformance testing video on the YouTube.
  • M2MSpace which is being developed by Innowiress is commercial oneM2M conformance testing tool based on oneM2MTester. In addition, M2MSpace is authorized by TTA.

More information for the dissemination of oneM2MTester can be found here.

Wiki Page

Visit Wiki homepage for more guide information and here is a quick link for oneM2MTester User Guide


Members Logo

KETI logo SJU logo Ericsson logo EGM logo Huawei logo TTA logo DTNC logo Sensinov logo InterDigital logo LAAS-CNRS logo InnoWireless logo

Latest News

[2018 April]

  • oneM2MTester version 2.0.0 supports all oneM2M Release1 testcases required by TTA