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Introduction to the project in Chinese
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Tri-Lasers for Felines

The aim is to entertain cat(s) with a moving laser game. it activates when the cat is around, and in case of attack, it shut down!

Our lovely cat is often alone at home. We decided to create a device that could entertain him.

The device remains in stand by until the cat presence is detected by the PIR sensor.

1- Then the lasers are activated (by the code which can select one, two or all the lasers or random selections).

2- The laser lights perform randoms trajectories thanks to the two servo motors (the speed of the movement, and the vertical and horizontal range can be defined by python code).

3- The activity keeps on until the cat is detected by the PIR sensor. Every minutes it checks the presence. The waiting time can be increased or reduced by the code.

4- Every time the sensor is triggered an entry is created on the application logs, which allow to monitor the cat's activity during our absence.

5- In addition, in case the cat reaches and start to play with the device, a tilt sensor detects the activity and it reduces the risk of damage by stopping the device.

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