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A touch screen Night Vision camera
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program code


A touch screen Night Vision camera written in Python

Final hardware features:

  • See in the dark (2m to 5m)
  • 4inch LCD touch screen
  • GUI controls
  • 10 button control with various preview times
  • Handy titling handle
  • Swivel head so camera can be moved to the optimum viewing angle.
  • Capture real time video saved to the camera
  • Capture images and stills

The Night Vision combines an IR camera (infrared, which enables you to take photos and videos in the dark) The program can be used with a normal camera board but will not have the 'night vision' properties.

Project Website

YouTube Video

Install software

sudo pip3 install guizero

The GUI consists of the following 10 buttons and features:

  1. A 10 second preview
  2. A 30 second preview
  3. A 60 second preview
  4. 5 minute preview
  5. 10 minute preview
  6. 15 minute preview
  7. Take a photo
  8. Capture a 10s video clip
  9. Turn on the preview (no time limit)
  10. Close the Night Vision GUI and shut down
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