Sample embedded defense code for applications written in .NET, Java, PHP and Python.
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Embedding Defense in Server-Side Applications

Sample embedded defense code to be used in applications written in .NET, Java, PHP and Python.

Getting Started

A comprehensive list of embedded defense possibilities has been released on the release of the specification Embedding Defense in Server-Side Applications. Based on this specification, examples of defense implementations were built for .NET, Java, PHP and Python applications. Please, keep in mind that this code should be use at your own risk.


Depending on your language of choice, each code directory includes a - - that details the usage and sample output of the different implementations. Each implementation includes a testing functionality to exemplify how they could be used.


  • Fernando Arnaboldi - Initial work


  • Thanks to Lucas Apa, Tao Sauvage and Enrique Nissim for their reviews and comments.
  • Hat tip to ModSecurity and OWASP for their work on embedding defense.


This project is licensed under the GNU general public license. See the license.txt file for details.