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An app to help trigonometry students learn the values of the unit circle.
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KnowYourAngles is designed to help students in Trigonometry learn the values of the Unit Circle. It selects a random problem and displays it. The user writes their answer in the given space. The answer is made beautiful using MyScript's Interactive Ink SDK 1.3, and the result can be used to check if the user's answer is correct.

Getting started

To download some of the frameworks necessary to run KnowYourAngles, you will need Git LFS. Detailed instructions are available from GitHub Help.

Additionally, you will need to visit the MyScript Developer site to obtain a certificate to use for development/testing purposes.


  • master: deployable, working version of the KnowYourAngles app
  • Version2: Includes a Launch Screen, Summary Page, and Scratch Paper
  • Version3:
  • Version4: Big Revision of Summer 2018 which includes -using a tab controller for the main screen -user interface icons from -app now has a quiz mode and a study mode -study mode allows users to practice with immediate feedback and the ability to look back at previously completed problems -settings now includes options for left-handed users and inverse trig functions -highscore is now statistics so users know which trig functions they need to work on
  • revision2019: Big Revision of Summer 2019 which includes -Implementing the latest version (1.3) of MyScript's Interactive Ink SDK -"Save Screenshot" in Quiz Mode now saves the score, time used, and summary table as a picture in Photos -Tutorial has been updated to include scratch paper and button for clearing the scratch paper -About page has been updated to include the correct version of MyScript's Interactive Ink SDK -Grouped files for Study Mode together -Grouped files for Quiz Mode together -squashed some bugs
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