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The hardware

The starter kit comes with the X400 kit bundle, and contains the following hardware:

  • Analog slider (connected with analog A1)
  • Temperature/humidity sensor HTS221 (connected with I2C bus)
  • Alphanumerical display (4x20) (connected with I2C bus)
  • Push button (connected with digital pin 4)
  • LED (connected with digital pin 7)

The app

This app is intendend for evaulating the starter kit hardware and basic communication with MyMote Cloud.

Required libraries

If you did not installed the Iomote X400 packets for Arduino IDE, we suggest you to follow the Getting Started example README to get the Arduino environment up-and-running for Iomote X400 development.

The app requires the following libraries:

  • SmartEverything HTS221 by Seve (tested Version: 1.1.2)
  • LiquidCrystal I2C by Frank de Brabander (tested Version: 1.1.2)

You can install the libraries directly from the Arduino IDE (sketch->Include library->Manage libraries).


  • Copy the .ino file inside your project
  • Verify/Compile
  • Upload the file to the board

To get debug informations, open the serial monitor of the IDE.

How it works

Once started, the app will show on the LCD display the following data:

  • Temperature + humidity from the HTS221
  • Analog value shown as slide
  • Daily messages left (X400 device has a quota of 100 messages/day to the cloud)
  • Number of pending messages (messages stored in the flash memory of the device waiting to be sent to the cloud).

Pushing the button the device will send a message to the cloud containing temperature and humidity data.

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