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Ion.Tabs 1.0.2

English description | Описание на русском

jQuery tabs plugin. Easy and well done tabs with many options and skin support


  • Supports many groups of tabs at one page.
  • Generate events and callbacks.
  • Support many types of position saving, for each tabs group on the page.
  • Very easy in set up and customisation. Has skin support.
  • Has public methods for outside control.
  • Cross-browser support: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE(8.0+)
  • Ion.Tabs supports touch-devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.).
  • Ion.Tabs freely distributed under terms of MIT licence.



Import this libraries:

  • jQuery
  • ion.tabs.min.js

Add the following stylesheets to the page:

Plus, a skin for the tabs. Two skins are included:

  • ion.tabs.skinBordered.css
  • ion.tabs.skinFlat.css


Create this HTML structure:

<div class="ionTabs" id="tabs_1" data-name="Tabs_Group_name">
    <ul class="ionTabs__head">
        <li class="ionTabs__tab" data-target="Tab_1_name">Tab 1 name</li>
        <li class="ionTabs__tab" data-target="Tab_2_name">Tab 2 name</li>
        <li class="ionTabs__tab" data-target="Tab_3_name">Tab 3 name</li>
    <div class="ionTabs__body">
        <div class="ionTabs__item" data-name="Tab_1_name">
            Tab 1 content
        <div class="ionTabs__item" data-name="Tab_2_name">
            Tab 2 content
        <div class="ionTabs__item" data-name="Tab_3_name">
            Tab 3 content

        <div class="ionTabs__preloader"></div>

To initialise tabs, call $.ionTabs("selector"):

$.ionTabs("#tabs_1");                       // one tabs group
$.ionTabs("#tabs_1, #tabs_2, #tabs_3");     // if you have many tabs groups on the page


Property Default Description
type hash Optional property, choose position saving type:
hash — save tabs position to the site url, using hash (see the example in the address bar). Allows to send tabs position via links.
storage — save tabs position to the Local Storage. Tabs position is remembered only at one computer.
none — don't save tabs position. Each time page reloads, the first tab of each group will be open.

Callback and events

Property Default Description
onChange - Calls each time you switch tabs, returns object with group name, active tab name and active tab ID.
window.event ionTabsChange - Or you can subscribe on ionTabsChange event.
The event gets the same object as onChange callback.

An example of a tabs initialisation:

$.ionTabs("#tabs_1, #tabs_2", {
    type: "storage",                    // hash, storage or none
    onChange: function(obj){            // callback

To subscribe on tabs change event you can do this:

$(window).on("ionTabsChange", function(e, obj){

Public methods

Switching tabs from outside: $.ionTabs.setTab(group, tab);:

$(".myButton").on("click", function(){
    $.ionTabs.setTab("Tabs_Group_name", "Tab_1_name");

Update history

  • November 01, 2013 - Fixed bug with setTab method
  • October 19, 2013 - Fixed some minor bugs, many code optimisations, fixed some bugs in plugin description
  • September 15, 2013 - Plugin release
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