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Easy and light image lightbox for small galleries.


  • ion.zoom — easy image lightbox jQuery plugin for small galleries. Allow to zoom images at place.
  • Supports keyboard controls with ESC, LEFT and RIGHT button.
  • Supports multiple independently operating galleries in one page.
  • Crossbrowser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE(8.0+)
  • Works on touch screen devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.).
  • Ion.Zoom is freely distributed under MIT licence.


Using script

Import this libraries:

  • jQuery
  • ion.zoom.min.js

And CSS:

  • normalize.min.css - desirable if you have not yet connected one
  • ion.zoom.css

Create gallery:

<a href="static/img/zoom/zoom-big-01.jpg" class="gallery_1"><img src="static/img/zoom/zoom-small-01.jpg" alt="" /></a>
<a href="static/img/zoom/zoom-big-02.jpg" class="gallery_1"><img src="static/img/zoom/zoom-small-02.jpg" alt="" /></a>
<a href="static/img/zoom/zoom-big-03.jpg" class="gallery_1"><img src="static/img/zoom/zoom-small-03.jpg" alt="" /></a>

Initialize gallery:


Or initialize gallery with custom settings:

    visibleControls: false                      // disable visible controls

Public methods:

Close gallery:


Update history

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