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🎃 Minimalist image lightbox
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Minimalist image lightbox


Check out the demo page.

Browser support

As long the CSS3 transitions are supported by your browser, this should work fine. 🚀


Simple usage

<img id="myImage" src="myImage.png" alt="Some title">
    new MiniLightbox("#myImage");

Advanced usage

If you need more stuff (e.g. animations etc), you need to create custom handlers (customClose and customOpen handlers). Works like a charm with animate.css library. 😄

function waitForAnimationEnd(element, callback) {
    var animationEnd = "animationend";
    var handleAnimationEnd = function(event) {
      // remove listner, handleAnimationEnd);
      // fire callback
      return callback(event);
    element.addEventListener(animationEnd, handleAnimationEnd);

MiniLightbox.customClose = function(self) {
    self.img.classList.add("animated", "fadeOutDown");
    waitForAnimationEnd(self.img, function() {"animated", "fadeOut");
    waitForAnimationEnd(, function() {"animated", "fadeOut", "fadeIn");
      self.img.classList.remove("animated", "fadeOutDown"); = "none";
    return false;

MiniLightbox.customOpen = function(self) {
    if (self.el.parentElement.tagName === "A") {
      return false;
    }"animated", "fadeIn");
    self.img.classList.add("animated", "fadeInUp");

Using data-image-opened attribute

If data-image-opened attribute is provided in img element, it will be used for the path of the image when the popup is opened.

<img id="myImage" data-image-opened="./big.png" src="small.png" alt="Some title">


If images are added dynamically, you need to use delegation:

new MiniLightbox({
    selector: ".content img"
    // the common container where the images are appended
  , delegation: "html"

☁️ Installation

Check out the dist directory to download the needed files and include them on your page.

If you're using this module in a CommonJS environment, you can install it using npm or yarn and require it:

# Using npm
npm install --save mini-lightbox

# Using yarn
yarn add mini-lightbox

📝 Documentation


Initializes the lightbox according to the options.


The following methods can be used to modify the default behavior:

  • Minilightbox.customOpen (Function): If it's a function, it will be called then the lightbox is opened. If it returns false, the default behavior will be prevented.
  • Minilightbox.customClose (Function): If it's a function, it will be called then the lightbox is closed. If it returns false, the default behavior will be prevented.


  • Object options: An object containing the following fields:
  • selector (String): The image query selector.
  • delegation (String): The image container where to handle the delegation.


Closes the lightboxes.


  • String id: The lightbox id. If not provided, it will close all the opened lightboxes.


Opens the lightbox. This is called internally.


  • String id: The lightbox id.

😋 How to contribute

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💫 Where is this library used?

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📜 License

MIT © Ionică Bizău

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